Have you ever seen people trying to sell their own homes, businesses and cars?

Or those who try to fix their own plumbing or electrical wiring and appliances when they obviously aren’t trained for it, because they want to save money.

We also make the same mistake as well, when we first started our healthcare entrepreneurship business, and we tried to do our own accounting and book keeping – after more than 12 hours struggling every month to balance the books (not to mention tearing out clumps of hair and frothing at the mouth in frustration), I decided to hire an accountant. He is a decent hire, and he costed me an average of 4 hours of my work then, saving me a good 8 hours per month, which I use to either work more and earn more, or just enjoy my day.


Today, I believe in synergy, and in that everyone has different strengths. I do not want to even try to capitalize on my weaknesses. Another example is that my lovely wife always tells me that she would love for me to be a handyman in the house, to fix stuff and problem solve around the house – of which, I honestly told her that I’m not gifted in such things, and the last I tried, I botched/broke whatever I tried to fix.

Other examples of things I outsource entirely today:

  • plumbers and electricians to handle all our plumbing and electrical works
  • accountants to handle all our book keeping and finance
  • data entry to handle all data entry
  • house keeper to handle our house work and ironing (gosh, I HATE ironing)
  • lawyers to handle all legal matters
  • real estate agents to handle all our real estate matters
  • bankers and brokers on all banking and brokerage matters
  • insurance agents that helps protect my family’s health and costs
  • and more

I am very happy to pay for the value of having professionals and brokers to serve my personal and business purposes well, as I believe that they will deliver even greater value to me than the cost of the services or the commissions that I pay to them – whatever I pay to them, the value back to me will be manifold more.

The perfect example is the example of hiring the accountant, who saves me at least 8 hours per month, and 8 hours is very, very valuable, not to mention the peace of mind I get. When I rented out my place, I engaged a real estate agent who beautifully coordinated and executed an open house event with a series of potential tenants, saving me countless hours and efforts should I have done it on my own.

I can go on, but you understand why I am happy to pay for value of professionals and brokers to mind both my personal and business matters. My time is much more valuable doing things of (1) higher value, (2) greater meaning to me and (3) that I’m meant to do.

Why would I spend hours of my time trying to research something I don’t know (and don’t care about) to save a couple hundreds or thousands here and there, when the hours saved and the information gained is worth tens to hundreds of thousands?

Of course, not all brokers and professionals are ideal – many of them can be purely transactional and commission-based salespeople, who may provide sales and services of certain products and services, but they themselves don’t believe in what they sell or provide, or worse, they’re just out to hit their quota for the month, or to make more commissions. Unfortunately, you have to keep looking and experiencing until you get to the good ones – and the good ones, you pay them well and work closely with them.

You have to find the professionals and brokers who have your interests at heart, be it personal or business. These kind of professionals and brokers will take the time to share with you what they know, and they may very well be one of the most important people in your team. Be fair and good to them, and most of them will also be fair and good to you – after all, if all you think about is cutting out/down their hard-earned commissions, why would they be incentivised to help you as well?

Think about it, you also want them to be incentivised to help you – if they provide value to me and can help me save/make more time and money than what they cost me, why wouldn’t their commissions and costs be justified?

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Hang around here for some time, you’d see that I don’t well with hype or bullshit. I can smell that typically a mile away, and I hate that shit too.

I’ve been working on myself and on for years, since 2006, and only in late 2019, I started to focus on intuitive and loving leadership, entreprenership and personal development.

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