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The Passive Income Lifestyle is a term I coined many years ago, and it’s not rocket science. Basically it’s

creating multiple streams of passive income that’s more than your expenses

That’s it really.

I wrote quite a bit on passive income, passive income lifestyle and FIRE (financial independence, retire early):

passive income financial reports

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I’ve experimented with a lot of solutions, and I found that I only have a few most applicable solution:

#1: Keep your costs ruthlessly low

…so you can save as much as possible.

I don’t abhor luxury spending, but I dislike mindless, stupid spending ie spending on things you don’t care about. Stuff you care about – budget for them, spend and enjoy them please, guilt free.

But trying to impress people you don’t care about? Screw that.

Buying something “just because someone you know has it” – yeah sure it may seem interesting, but if you’re not gonna use it, don’t waste money on stuff that you don’t care about because every dollar you saved and set aside…

Split your savings into 5 groups, 20% each.


    • For rainy day savings. Important for urgent, life saving stuff. 20% of savings here.
    • 20% to spend. Whatever you want. If you want to, you can throw it into #3 and #4 below.
    • For investments in dividend stocks 20% here (if you want, set aside up to 10% for cryptocurrency and precious metals).

Passive Income Machine Type #3: Dividend Stock Investing

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    • 20% into investing into yourself, like going for seminars and courses, or buying books to make yourself better
    • The last 20% goes into investing into building a business. I recommend building an online business or publishing business on the side of your career or job – it is a highly paid skill that can help you accelerate your passive income lifestyle as there is no cap on how much you can earn.


Passive Income Machine Type #1: Online Business

Useful and affordable online business tools/schools:

Solo Built It (Review)
Wealthy Affiliate
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Jaaxy Keyword Research
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Passive Income Machine Type #2: Kindle Publishing

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An example is say you make $2000 per month.

Minus Core Expenses (expenses that you 100% cannot live without), such as

  • Rent
  • Transport
  • Medication

Minus Secondary Expenses You Use But Can Control Costs

Last of this is Luxury Expenses such as

  • Short and long distance travels
  • Buying/changing cars, phones, accessories
  • Fine dining
  • etc

Let’s say you have a balance of $1000 – break this into 5 equal groups of $200 each.

  • First $200 goes straight into your bank account. Ideally to an account where you don’t have a bank card, or credit card or whatever, and it’s inconvenient for you to take it out. Ideally you have to go all the way to the bank to draw out this money so it’d be only when it’s an emergency.
  • Second $200 is for you to spend. As you like. Maybe you can break it into 4 weeks x $50 where you can splurge once a week up to $50 for four weeks. Or you can use it once off on an item you’ve been wanting to buy – whatever works for you.
  • Third $200, plonk it into your dividend stock account and/or crypto account. If you’re in Singapore, you can use Lim&Tan (sign up and we’d both get some vouchers). Crypto account you can sign up here.
  • Fourth $200 you can use to buy books, seminars, training and enrichment courses that will improve your ability to earn money, improve your quality of life or health eg massage. You can also use it to learn how to build an online business with Wealthy Affiliate or Solo Build It.
  • The final and last $200 goes into investing into building a business you like and care about. Of course, as mentioned above, I highly recommend learning and building an online business or publishing business on the side of your career or job – it is a highly paid skill that can help you accelerate your passive income lifestyle as there is no cap on how much you can earn.

Passive Income Machine Type #1: Online Business

Useful and affordable online business tools/schools:

Solo Built It (Review)
Wealthy Affiliate
Jaaxy Keyword Research
 (Review)Passive Income Machine Type #2: Kindle PublishingKindle Money Mastery 2.0
Best Seller Income BIS Singapore (Dominic Tay)


Let me show this to you:
nigel passive income lifestyle framework

Your goal is to create and accumulate Passive Income Machines that brings you streams of passive income, and your monthly passive income streams needs to be more than your monthly living expenses and costs.

That is the basic goal of the Passive Income Lifestyle.

Once you’ve reached there, you have more breathing space and thinking space. You have more options. Maybe you want to focus on the other Life Priorities.

Maybe it’s to spend time with loved ones.

Maybe it’s to travel.

Maybe you’d want to earn more.

Maybe you’d want to teach and help others to exit the rat race too.

Whatever it is, the crux of it is to free you from your old ways of being a wage slave, of being chained to something that isn’t as important as discovering your Life Purpose and Mission.


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Billionaires are investing in precious metals and cryptocurrency such as Richard Branson, Peter Thiel, Eric Schmidt, Michael Novogratz and not to mention scores of very smart people and multi-millionaires like Tim Ferriss. I too am investing in cryptocurrency.

Ever-Green Assets: Precious Metals (Gold & Silver)

Experts agree that the financial market is now even more fragile than pre-2008. Will your current retirement portfolio weather the imminent financial crisis?

Threats are many:
precious metal pending financial crisis
Is gold really useful in times of trouble? See for yourself:
precious metal gold comparisons during crises

Invest into precious metals such as gold and silver here

Future (Proof) Assets / Money: Cryptocurrency

You may wonder why investors worldwide are flocking to digital currencies (also known as cryptocurrencies or cryptos)?

Take a look at this chart showing the growth of a 10K portfolio invested in just three cryptocurrencies.
investment in cryptocurrency
This is just one of the reason. And it’d continue to grow as utilization and applications increases.

Diversify and invest into future currencies and cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple today, find out how here

Take action TODAY: One year from today, you’ll be one year older. What would you have done by then?

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  8. Insure yourself and your loved ones (Health insurance is important)
  9. Add-on Adventures: Become rich and wealthy
  10. Add-on Adventures: Build businesses that add positive value to your society and life
  11. Success Principles

Take action TODAY: One year from today, you’ll be one year older. What would you have done by then?

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