Passive Income Internet Business: Make Money Online

A large part of Good Success is truly The Passive Income Lifestyle. It is very hard to have achieve and sustain good success without multiple streams of recurring passive income that flows into one’s pockets and bank accounts.

That is the realization ever since 2005, and since then I’ve been researching, testing, experimenting, learning, applying on passive income machines and businesses. I’ve tried several MLM / network marketing (I don’t recommend doing these anymore typically because of less funding to the quality of the products, but the sales training is good) and started more than 20+ businesses which out of these, only 2-3 survived and thrived.

Those that survived typically had multiple streams of recurring passive income, and one of them was so enticing that it was acquired for seven-figures to some corporate fatcats and decided not to work with them after a few years of being with them – it’s 1000000X more fun outside =)

Back Full Circle To Passive Income Internet Businesses

In the end, my conclusion is the same for people to build good successful lives, is to build multiple streams of recurring passive income and the most practical way is to build them online, because:

  1. it’s cheap and affordable to start (we’re talking a few hundred dollars unlike physical businesses where we’d need typically 5-6 figures to start)
  2. it’s not limited to geography: you can start and run a profitable online business and run it globally eg you can be based in Thailand or an island (with internet of course), and sell to a global audience in United States, Singapore, United Kingdom, Canada – wherever you want
  3. it’s a skill that you can use for life – yep, you can use the same skill to start a complementary online business to the first one
  4. it’s scalable and especially cheap to scale, because you leverage technology
  5. it works 24/7 and every single sales page is your sales team that works 365 days a year, 24 hour a day, 7 days a week for you, day-in-day-out

I’ve answered my own question and yes, passive income internet business is the way to go for the future, and to me, learning and mastering this skill is #1 more important than investing in real estate, dividend stocks and even cryptocurrency. The practical answer and reason is that, to invest, we must find learn and master a high-paying skill and/or scalable skill.

And to me, learning to build and grow profitable passive internet businesses is the suitable conclusion based on the points above.

I Invite You To Join Me On This Journey To Learn & Master Building Passive Income Businesses

Over the months and years, I’ve been slowly growing my online business commissions and payments, and in 2020, as I ramp up and focus more time, efforts and resources on increasing my online business passive income streams, I am confident that the number and quality of passive income streams will continue to increase.

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