Papa, You’ve Been Gone For Six Years Now

daniel chua oon hian

Gosh, papa – it’s already been six years since you left us to meet Jesus.

Time really just fly by, so quickly. Perhaps, it is also for the better, as then we can meet each other again soon; but that being said, I’ve much to do, including fathering the kids I brought into this world with Louise, business, family and more.

Ah, I digress…but oh do I miss you, old man.

We your Chua family have been speaking about you:

  • about your weird-but-delicious food combinations marmite+cucumber+bread or fuyi+raw garlic+sugar+lime juice
  • about your fights with mum over how fine the coconut shred needs to be for the rendang
  • about your fishes and music

…and we all concluded that it’s so much better for you to be still here, enjoying retirement and even the grandchildren, whom I can think you’d spoil to no end and will miss so much.

We miss you still, old man – see you when I do.

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