Paleo Diet Seems Okay

photo.JPG    I’ve two new additions to my diet following my Rethinking The Paleo Diet and the shock of the blood test results.

On the left, is my new daily breakfast menu: warm and freshly cooked oatmeal with a drizzle of cream and light sugar (I know oatmeal is a strict no-no on the paleo diet but oh well) and vegetable/fruit juice. I got a nice juicer from my dad and I’ve been concocting a 75% vegetable and 25% fruit (e.g. 25% carrots, 25% celery, 25% tomatoes and 25% green apple) – it’s really yummy! – it’s only later that I realized that this combination is usually a detox concoction, but it’s yummy!

Another thing to add is that Louise’s blood test came back with flying colors! – her cholesterol levels and liver functions were perfect. This is very interesting, as we both actually shared the Paleo Diet almost very closely to each other (I cooked the Paleo meals, she ate) so there could not be that much of discrepancy.

Conclusion: it’s likely to be my liver that is on overdrive of the cholesterol production (this was explained by my doctor that 70% of our body’s cholesterol is created by our liver – this being the base, I’d say that the Paleo Diet should be relatively safe for consumption. Nonetheless, I’ll modify my diet a little with hearty oatmeal in the morning and detoxifying juices sporadically, and see what happens in 3 month’s time. =)

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