Overcoming Bad Habits

I read somewhere once before that Values >> Actions >> Habits >> Destiny, where often it’s our values that drives us to take a particular action, which collectively becomes habits that lead us towards our destiny/goals, and today, after growing a seven figure business and learning to invest, I would say that if anything at all, one’s habits is the one that will lead us straight to our destiny, regardless of what we value.

An example of what I just said is that you may not value becoming rich or going for promotions in your career, but if you strive to do your best every day, and you turn up to work early every day, take on all the tasks assigned to you diligently every day, it becomes natural for your superiors and bosses to think that you’re reliable and place you on the “to promote and give more responsibilities” list – because of your habits, regardless whether you wanted those promotions or not.

Our lives truly are a reflection of our habits more than anything else. And as I prefer to systematize and automate things so that I don’t have to decide on a daily basis, so I do the same for building habits I want. To overcome bad habits I don’t want, I simply override the habit with another one, and let the schedule run with the new habit for about 28 days and the new habit is more or less installed/ingrained into the schedule.

Now if you ask me, “er Nigel, so does that make you particularly mindless, like a mindless zombie during activities?”


I just take out the pain of making those daily small decisions out of the equation, so that I can actually focus MORE brain power on things and activities that truly matter. This is the reason why I can be truly boring with the scheduling of my life such as my food, my clothing, my gym, my family time, my work – so that I can use my brain power fully to be fully engaged during the activities.

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