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My “now” page is inspired by an article I chanced across, and I decided to onboard it to as well. This page covers what I’m doing now, today, in this season of my life. It’s both my life work, and my life, today. Now.


Soaking In God’s Presence Moments

I’m spending at least 15-20+ minutes almost 5+ times per week waking up at about 6.20 AM to do my quiet time and my “soaking time” pursuing the presence of the Lord. I find pursuing, and when I experience God’s tangible presence, to quietly soak in His presence, so, so, so loving, enveloping, all-compassing unconditional acceptance.

AKA I feel, think and know I am loved in my entire being, by God.

These moments are special moments to me, and I treasure them immensely. Over the years, I have found God’s presence to be the best thing in this world, and is priceless with nothing to compare. Not even sex, passive income, eating. Nothing have come close.

Kairos Moments

The second spiritual moments that I appreciate are what I call “kairos moments”, and these moments are sort of like a spirit-led confirmatory moments where I get or feel a God-led moment that where I am, or where I am going, is right in God’s mapping and plans for me.

And I love these moments too because it sorts of give me a moral, spiritual, emotional signal that I’m doing the right thing, and enroute in His plans for me.


Marriage & Children

I love my wife, Louise and my beloved kids. To the moon and back. I would die for them.

Of course God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit ranks higher than them, and Louise is #2 and kiddos are #3 on my Kingdom Priority list.

I am increasing my time, effort, engagement and mindful guiding and interaction with them. Increase affection, guiding, teaching, loving the best I can for them, their well being and their growth. I love and enjoy them, and they bring me great bliss and joy.

Relationships, Family & Friendships

The 18 months sabbatical made me realize and remember that God has indeed given me a heart to love people, and I get much joy in serving people, especially worthy ones such as my family, Phoenix therapists, front desks, online vendors/contractors for my publishing businesses and more – but I especially draw the line with the word “worthy” – no longer will I tolerate working with individuals and organizations whose philosophy doesn’t match up with mine.

I am very certain that I am very aligned with with the 3Gs that I’m recently mulling and meditating over:

  • Godliness
  • Goodness
  • Greatness

whereby I will pursue only Godly, Good and Great work ie the work is spiritually important to me, it’s good in the sense it creates positive value to individuals/community and it brings about the greatness within me and the people I serve.


Phoenix Rehab

I joined Phoenix Rehab on 16th June 2019, after 18 months of bittersweet sabbatical, after amicably and extremely happily to have our previously acquired therapy business =).

During this time of sabbatical, I had the opportunity to learn and immerse so much more in God, His presence and His directions for me for the next phase of my life, including exploring publishing (will update you more on the systems I’m creating and putting in place) and very hands-on fathering and increased “soakability” sessions (see above).

In Phoenix Rehab, I was invited to become the group’s chief executive, coming back to build and grow a very high quality physiotherapy, hand therapy and rehab business in a higher level of maturity, understanding and engagement is exceedingly rewarding, plus working and leading good right individuals and groups with higher levels of consciousness, integrity, maturity, ethicality and more is definitely a very good thing.

I look forward to serving Phoenix more, and may God use me to bring Phoenix Rehab to the highest level it can. (this site) has been around since 2008 or 2009, I can’t remember exactly when, but it’s been a fair amount of time. And it’s gone through so many iteration, changes and growth (as I have, as it is a reflective and sharing journal of sorts for me) and as I type this today, it’s going through another phase where it’s moving back to WordPress (having been back and forth with Solo Build It-WordPress a number of times).

This time, it’d likely stay in WordPress.

I am refining and imagining the ideas that I will share here, but I will be taking a reflective, adventuring approach before I finalize the full picture. I know I’ll cover at least these:

  • Godliness, Greatness, Goodness
  • Leadership, Passive Income, Living, Entrepreneurship and Growth
  • Freedom

But how to tie it together, I’ll figure it out as I go along adventuring.

Nalco Publishing

Interestingly, I found that I had “always wanted to live off my publications and publishing“, hence my focus and attention on online businesses and the like (not sure actually where that came from, but it seems right).

Nalco Publishing has 3 divisions

  1. Lead Generation is focused on creating very specific lead-generating websites that direct leads to businesses that either I own or have a commercial tie-up or interest in.
  2. Niche Sites is focused on my affiliate niche sites which includes and and others.
  3. Kindle Publishing are the kindle ebooks that I publish on Amazon

These are the stuff that are typically recorded when I get commission from an online sale or lead.


Physical Health

Health has become increasingly important to me, and though we’re busy with the starting over of building businesses again, I am trying to balance my health, time, work and all of the above.

  • Co-sleeping with 2 young ones are lovely, but it does cause fluctuations in my sleep (as well as handling start ups) – we try to turn off everything at 9.30 PM and go to bed by 10.30 PM daily
  • Working out – I starting exercising again, after about 24 months of cutting back due to experiment with a diet. I decided I like working out for the strength and feel-good/strong factor that I enjoy. Not to mention it brings back strength and some definition. I aim to hit 80 kg by end of 2021 (am 101 today)
  • Continue to regularly take my Xtend Life supplements and to drink my Aquasana-filtered water for baseline health and wellness. These go into my body daily.
  • I will relook at taking green smoothies, maybe Athletic Greens or something along those lines

Philosophy, Mental & Emotional Health

I learnt both the brutality and savagery of individuals who would lie and cheat to take our properties for their own convenience, and individuals who went out of their way to reach out to us and shelter us. And lots of those in-between who “decided to look away or that it’s not their problem or worse, perpetuated the problem without seeking the truth”. I learned to let go and forgive a lot, but also to remember that as long as I’m in alignment with God’s will, goodness and truth, I am OK to stand and live/die by the truth and goodness.

The 18 months sabbatical, we went through some fascinatingly painful yet emotionally liberating experiences as individuals, as a couple and within the businesses. The things we saw and went through…we do not wish for them to fall upon our worst of enemies, and it taught us a wealth of experience which honed our philosophy, mental and emotional health and strength.

I turned deeply to the eternal wisdom found in the Holy Bible of God, poring over the chapters and books. I dived into Seneca’s stoic philosophy. And most importantly, I spent a lot of quiet time soaking in God’s presence and seeking wisdom, understanding, truth and answers, amalgating the truths in the bible and the stoic philosophy by Seneca.

It is fascinating.

God is fascinating.

The people he made is fascinating.

And he made me as who I am, a champion of His light, goodness and greatness. I have found and accepted this sliver of insight, and His calling upon my life in this season, and I take the challenge and the call to continue to uphold, lead and love in full integrity, openness, transparency and sincerity.

My time and energy is good and I won’t waste my resources unnecessarily =)

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