No More Blank Page Or Running Out Of Ideas With AI-powered

Sometimes we get writer’s block and stare at an empty screen for hours or days.

Sometimes we run out of ideas or steam to write good, compelling ideas and stories to share.

But man, since I got, man, this AI-powered writing software has been very, very helpful to

  • generate ideas
  • generate post outlines
  • then using the post outlines combined with long form assistant, I can come out with stories, articles, emails – whatever my content needs are

It’s quite intuitively easy to use, and say I want to come up with blog post topic ideas, I will just login to my account, go to the dashboard and left click on

Step 1: Blog Post Topic Ideas

Follow the 8 step process to come out with a list of blog or article ideas and then copy these list down

Step 2: Create The Blog Post Outline

Next, click on the Create Blog Post Outline with the blog idea or topic you had selected from step 1

Then select which outline you prefer – you can mix and match and of course, please tweak and modify it to suit your preferences.

Next, head to the Long Form Assistant

Step 3: Long Form Assistant in Conversion.Ai

Here is where you key in the outline and let AI write the article for you – it’s not perfect (yet) of course, you will expect to tweak and correct up to 25-50% of the time to get the flow and meaning that you want.

And let the AI do its work; you refine and correct and tweak – repeat this a number of times until you’re happy with the content – and you’re done!

I use a lot, and I happily recommend it because it’s just so useful for me. Use my affiliate link and get the trial offer, and try and see for yourself if you like it – I love it and will keep using it =)

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