Directions and Focus 2020

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Deciding a direction for myself in has always been hard for me. Hard in the sense, especially because I am a “big concept” person, focusing on the biggest things, how they relate/connect to each other, the 80/20 rules that apply.

It’s oftentimes hard for me to “just focus on one particular niche”, because I feel that life isn’t that simple. Life is not a single music track, nor a single page of a book. Our lives can be quite complex, and that’s one of the reasons why I sort of have been idealistic/perfectionistic in a way, that I want to “know the full scope” before I start writing/focusing.

So like for example, how I view life, God, “things”, in the fullest and broadest, widest perspective, in how we need to prioritize and focus is in:

  1. Finding And Receiving God. God is the central to love, life, light, salvation, everything. Without Him, everything’s useless and futile. Then finding a good bible-centric church.
  2. Creating Freedom/Freeing Ourselves from the common life’s shackles, which is usually locked in due to debt, poor money management, and us burrowing deeper and deeper into jobs that takes most of our time and lives away from what matters most. What matters most differs from people to people, to some it’s God. Maybe religion. Maybe love. Maybe to care for loved one. Maybe to find or to fulfill meaning.
  3. Taking Care Of Ourselves, Our People And Our Purposes in our health (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual), in the people who are placed in our lives (personal, work), the work/businesses and talents we have given and honed.
  4. Other Interests such as Philosophy (meaning, thinking), Reading, Leadership

Generally it’s these 4 broad broad groups that we should be focusing our time on. It’s likely that these 4 topics are so broad, that it becomes tough to focus. If I have to pick, it’s quite straightforward, because I know I love God, and He loves me, so #1 is already given, and I dont think I want to write about spiritual matters?

#2 is the next big topic to focus on, which is on Wealth, Money, Investing and Passive Income. I write a lot about passive income, how to invest for passive income, how to build passive income machines because I sincerely believe that with regular passive income that equates to our spending expenses, we become financially secure, not having to worry about money any more.

This is important because it is the catalyst and anchor benchmark where we can stop compromising and losing/using/trading our limit human hours and life for dollars. This in turn, is important because we have finite time on earth and therefore we cannot waste time on things that are

  • against our morals/values eg staying at a business/work where the leaders are unscrupulous and lying BUT you have to feed your family and put roof over your head
  • waste of time
  • takes us away from things, people, causes and purposes that are more important such as Christ, mission works, children, parents, causes
  • etc

#3 is a close-call to #2, because #3 focuses on things and matters such as:

  • Personal health: mental health, emotional health, physical health, spiritual health, sexual health
  • Relationships with spouse, parents, children, colleagues, fans etc
  • Businesses or careers we are in
  • Talents and skills we have

I call it a “close-call” because without health, one cannot earn money or spend quality time with people/things/causes we care about, and conversely, without money, one typically also cannot spend quality time with people/things/causes we care about, because we just have to work to get money first.

That being said, it doesn’t make sense to sacrifice health, relationships or whatever just for money sake, because, money isn’t really more important than health or relationships – there is no meaning in money as it is, money to me at least, is a medium to take care of myself and my loved ones so that we’re comfortable.

That’s the reason why despite me being capitalistic, I will walk away from dirty money, or earning money with/from dirty people, because I’ve purposely created some safeguards such as having paid off my HDB and a little savings to tide me over.

I will not compromise my love for God and God’s teachings for dirty money – it’s just not worth it to me.

So that’s my dilemma of my writing and focus here at – passive income and positive cash flow is the basic premise to live, and there is also an equally important thing beyond money, which includes Christ, health, relationships and purpose.

#4 I dont know where to place interests such as Leadership and Reading haha, but I do think overall/broadly, I am interested in Freedom, Personal Development and Leadership, with alignment to God/Christ (hence the “Good Success” and Jesus is the Good Leader/Master).

I am still wrapping my head and connecting the dots between my heart and my head though, and this is impacting my passive income actions/investments for my book writing (see my earlier post on Real Name vs Pen Name). My struggle is that: I’ve finite time, so I don’t wanna fluff around.

  • Shouldnt I publish under my own name? I thought/think it’d be easier to market my own books that’s under my own name rather than some fictitious unknown?
  • Money and passive income is extremely important, but should I only write about that? What about other stuff like health and relationships? Meaning. These are very important too.

I’m thinking aloud here, and it seems that these factors are important to me

  • the 4 things that are important to me is God, passive income (wealth), health, relationships and purposes
  • being “Good”-aligned – I will not tolerate or compromise with products/people that are dirty/negative/short termed

Edited to add:

I sat on this post for a couple of days, walking away and then coming back to it to reread, touch up, and considered and deliberated further and had some interesting insights and revelations.

I…seem to think, ponder, write more about passive income and passive income experiments/endeavours more than anything else. Eg I dont really speak or write much about say, health. Or relationships. I mean I write about being well balanced in health, relationships, rest etc and God/good-aligned, but I don’t write much about that.

Looking at my articles, I seem to write a lot about:

  • pondering good and bad, and being mindful of ourselves, our emotions and God in all we do
  • constant effort to acquire and build up meaningful passive income machines / assets that put money in our bank account by providing good value to consumers/users
  • freedom and breaking free from shackles

Even my projects that I’m interested in be in Phoenix Rehab, Nigel Chua (this site), Pain Relief Physios and Kindle Publishing projects, I am involved because it’s fun and rewarding, and has potential for more passive income that will last for months and years.

In fact, I just paid USD 650 to hire a writer to write articles for Pain Relief Physios that will be keyword research and get passive income affiliate sales. And have continuously pumped money into buying more dividend stocks to get more regular dividends.

(Of course, I spend hundreds of dollars every month also on Xtend Life health supplements as well as online marketing tools such as Wealthy Affiliate and Solo Build It and others such as Google Suite and more)


boy wearing gray vest and pink dress shirt holding book

Right now, as I add to the edit of this article, I’m both shocked…and relieved to a certain extent.

Shocked because data don’t lie, and where I spend my money investing and hiring articles for passive income dividends and affiliate commissions.

Relieved…because…it’s liberating. Well sort of. Maybe I’ll spend 80% of time writing on passive income machine acquisition and building, and 20% of stuff that’s important too but not that important.

…or maybe not.

That being said, this doesn’t mean I cannot start on a new course or trajectory la.

Because things like being conscious, God, goodness and Good Success is also important. I believe Passive Income is a very, very vital and crucial thing to achieve, upon which, will unlock and allow us to focus on more important things in life. Passive income that is equal or more than living expenses will be the 1st milestone to unlock the 3rd life that we can get.

(2nd Life being born-again and a true follower and believer of Christ).

3rd Life is being unshackled and free from having to work and be locked to a job that confines us to a cubicle, workspace, area for 10-16 hours 5-7 days a week.

I am definitely gonna take more time to think about this seriously, because I really dont write much about the 20% I keep thinking about (or do I?).

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