One of my family members quipped to me the other day as he was sharing with me how he was taking time out to enjoy himself and his life.

He also constantly calls me for fun and to tell when there’s a computer game on offer (I used to spend a lot of time playing computer games). He’ll ask me to visit the whole family and play computer games too. He’ll call me on the phone to ask me to play the games that he had recommended, several times a week.

I try my best but so far I can at most visit my family once per month, given our crazy schedules where we run clinics six days per week and Sundays are often admin days on top of out personal housekeeping and spending time with each other.

Yet, his words to a certain extent, stuck in my mind.

Really, am I always busy? If yes, then is busyness bad? Is this busyness consuming my relationships?

I pondered it, toying with the ideas and it’s contrast for the past months. I think, to a certain extent, definitely there is some sacrifices that I don’t get to spend as much with family members doing things that they enjoy. I do enjoy computer games, but not as much as I did before, so I play casually within a couple of hours a month. But I don’t get that kinds of luxury of time.

Plus, I have changed. I have evolved. I enjoy other things now.

I enjoy learning about things in reality. I pursue growth. I meet challenges. I enjoy it when what I theorized and experimented and put effort in works. I get frustrated or curious when it doesn’t. I enjoy businesses and the process of making profits by helping others.

I am progressing, and at this point in my life, that’s important to me. Moreover, I’m doing things that are real. And fun!

Perhaps he works hard in his office to enjoy his games, which is relaxing for him.

I’ll explore that more.

Update: following the passing of my father, I think being busy has its merits….and its demerits. Maybe enjoying life is better. Or maybe not. What I do know is that I don’t want to be too busy, putting things on hold or being in “transition mode” for too long, for fear that “I may just transit unexpectedly”, when I’m not ready. Which enhances my search for the perfect online business. Share with you more later.

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