Early November 2014, one of my GP friends took a quick glance at me and told me point blank (with a straight face):

Nigel, you better start exercising (or else)

I was shocked…as I exercise on average 4 to 6 times per week, often alternating between cardiovascular exercises and weights/resistive training, and each session usually lasts between 35 to 45 minutes.

Yet, what was interesting is that my weight never seem to go down. In fact, it seemed to steadily balloon, and by early November 2014, I had reached a whopping 94.4 kg.

Despite working out consistently at a moderate intensity for 4-6 times per week, which is almost everyday.

Then he said, “Hmmm. In that case, stop your sugars.”

I told him that I no longer take sugar in my coffee, that my breakfast was only oats –

– and he immediately cut me off, saying that I cannot eat oats, or wholemeal, or grains or whatever is in that group, as even though it’s slow carbohydrates, it’s still carbohydrates. He told me that he cut out most of his sugars, fast or slow, and he’s lost about 10 kgs so far (don’t get me wrong, he’s pretty skinny/lean to me)

Hmm, fair enough.

So I asked him, then what should I eat?

And he told me to have two eggs everyday, which is what he has for breakfast, along with black coffee without sugar. I was appalled, because when I eat eggs, I have people telling me that eggs are bad and they’re high in cholestrol…and now one of my GPs are telling me to eat eggs.

2 A DAY!!!!

Yes, I was annoyed for a while, then I got really happy…because I really, REALLY like eating eggs. Boiled, fried, scrambled, whatever, except poached (ugh). I got really happy.

So I modified my regime, to a somewhat modified paleo (I did a couple of experiments with paleo before, from trying the paleo diet, to rethinking paleo diet and then concluding that paleo diet was ok), tossed out most of my recently purchased “healthy” oats and grains, and started:

  • breakfast consisted of 2 fried eggs in butter, unsweetened coffee with almond milk
  • snack is fruits that is lower in sugar eg green apples (as compared to grapes or bananas)
  • lunch is almost a regular meal, but cut out rice as much as I can (about 75% reduction)
  • snack is treenuts such as pecans, almonds
  • dinner is almost a regular meal, but cut out rice as much as I can (about 75% reduction)

Generally I cut down carbs anything from 75% to 100% from meals, snack healthily with non-carbs snacks. I find that this diet seems to help me have less “wind” or bloatedness/belching/farting, and my tummy is way more comfortable than before.

Perhaps I’ve allergy to carbs like what some people have said about carbs having a certain item in them that causes bloatedness and gas. That being said…I do still have cheat days, where I’m known to eat quarter to half a tub of a 1 liter chocolate ice cream…..not all the time. But I’m not depriving myself of that much. I think.

The 94.4 kg measurement taken in early November 2014 was taken in my wife’s gynae clinic with a digital weighing scale, and the new 90.4 kg weigh was weighed in the same gynae clinic, for consistency (sounds nice but actually it’s more of a convenience – it was just there, so I decided to measure). We’ll be going to the gynae again next Friday 16th January 2015, so I can take another measurement again, to see if this weight loss is a fluke or not.

In the meantime, I’m gonna keep monitoring my weight, exercise and food.

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