New Experiments: Publishing And Intermittent Fasting

I shared earlier that right now (that article here), I’m into Seneca the Younger’s take on Stoic Philosophy and Stoicism, and have already published two of his works:

I’ve already submitted the third one to Amazon Kindle Program, and I can say that publishing seems quite enjoyable to me, and although it’s just my third publication, I hope to hit at least 100 publications (ideally more than 1000+).

And thereafter, I will focus on my own personal works and writings.


I’ve gone back to my interest in Xtend Life health supplements sharing via niche website, starting with Xtend Life Bee Pollen via Update 20200810: this website has been discontinued, and I share on my Xtend-Life supplements via (this site) and

I have been taking Xtend Life supplements since 2014, and I’m quite anal on the quality, research, manufacturing processes and compliance to quality via certification (think US FDA, cGMP, British Pharmacopeia etc – Xtend Life is up there in quality), and that’s why I’m comfortable to endorse and recommend their products.

I just started this not long, and will focus on this at least 6-12 months minimum before going to a larger niche that I also love/enjoy.

I AM REALLY fulfilled and happy at this point in time, to be able to participate in my publishing activities as well as my renewed interest in niche site building.

I…am happy.

There’s already sales in Amazon Kindle Books, and I hope that my niche health supplement site will rank high (become authoritative in that field) and I’ll get specific sales – I’ll keep on going, and update you when I get at least 3 Xtend Life Bee Pollen sales (I’ve a specific keyword reporting campaign for this niche site)

20200810 Update: I have been getting regular Xtend-Life sales and commissions (see more of that here) and which is why I am focusing more on The Passive Income Lifestyle, especially on building a profitable online business which we are proud of and can help accelerate our passive income streams whilst helping others. Read more at The Passive Income Lifestyle.


I started intermittent fasting 2 days back, opting to eat meals only between a window of 12 PM to 8 PM (8-hour-window) and 16-hours fasting.

This is to allow me a reasonable amount of time to intake nutrition and participate in social meals (dinner with family), not going hungry; whilst leaving a regular (hopefully near daily) 16-hour window of fasting, which is primarily to offload my stomach to NOT focus on digesting activities.

The theory behind it is that the 16 hours is to offload resources taken from digesting to focus more on repair/improving other bodily functions such as repair, detox, etc.

Within the first 2 days, I’ve already fallen a little sick, maybe it’s the intermittent fasting or the lack of nutrients (I’ve stupidly only eaten 2 meals in that 8 hours eating window, but I wasn’t hungry…but it seems like even though I’m full during that time, I’m actually under-nourished?).

Not sure, but am not keen to eat when I’m not hungry (or when I’m satiated).

Maybe it’s just my body screaming out during the detox – not sure. Update you on this.

I hope to participate in intermittent fasting for at least 30 days, and if it’s really beneficial to my health, I’ll keep on doing it.

Naturally during this time, I am still taking my Xtend Life supplements (refer to right side bar) as it complements intermittent fasting.

(FYI I am also following a Keto-ish – modified keto – diet)

Where To Next?

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