Naive Idealism Leadership

I caught up with one of my investment banker client-turn-friend and we were chitchatting, and he shared with me the world of cutthroat finance and business, and people do it because it’s tolerated (even welcomed) as it’s a dog-eat-dog world, and it’s the survival of the fittest.

I shared how I disagreed with that approach and told him how I envisioned my ideal world will be, in the world of business, entrepreneurship and lifestyle, where there is zero tolerance for toxic and negative culture and politics – I find these cumbersome and limiting, and not very useful or functional at all; and more importantly, there is full transparency, fairness, sincerity, real love and leadership .

An example was a pure open revenue or profit-sharing approach, where people can work together to make more together, rather than try to cut each other down so that just a few individuals can eat or hoard more.

My approach and premise is very simple: let us eat together in love –

  • if there’s more, then we all eat more. If there’s less, we all eat less.
  • those that put in the work should earn/eat more

and that’s about it.

And that’s how I do most if not all of my businesses. I don’t believe in manipulation, coercion, cheating or lying to get ahead, despite having faced those situations so many time as of before. Perhaps that’s why I sleep like a baby with full and true confidence and peace, because I have long ago decided to do the right thing, no matter how unpopular it is.

And that’s when he called me naive. He said:

Nigel, in 2013 when I first met  you, I called you naive. Today, in 2020, I still believe you’re naive…but don’t change. There is that charm about you, and you’re not the only person like this in the world. There is a small minority of people like you, so stay the same, but be careful.

Nakama: Trust Your Team - Blindly - zCasting 3000

I don’t care if people call me naive – I will continue to embrace this “naive idealism” in all my leadership, management and business dealings and endeavours. It’s similar to a term that one may have chanced across, such as nakama leadership/comradeship as in One Piece Pirates manga, a la

  • Monkey D. Luffy
  • Whitebeard Edward Newgate

and also similar in a sense to SEMCO’s approach to business.

Of course, in any worlds, be it in One Piece and the real world, there are real scumbags and evildoers as well with their own perverse sense of justice and dog-eat-dog approach – I reject that approach even till today, and that’s why I am ultra selective on who I work with and who I allow into my life.

My friend then smiled, and then proceeded to tell me to consider a specific business venture that he’d be happy to fund.

Interesting times – as we move into the end of 2020, I am still confident and of the belief that being very selective with who we work with and being true to good and God will bring us closer and higher to our destinies, moving forward.

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