Money Rules

These are my money rules that I adapted from Ramit Sethi’s money rules:

  1. Always have 1 year of emergency fund CASH.
  2. SAVE 10% and INVEST 20% of gross annual income.
  3. Be able to PAY FULL for large expenses (wedding, dream honeymoon, house, car etc) before spending.
  4. NEVER QUESTION spending money on books, appetizers, health or donating to a friend’s charity fundraiser.
  5. BUSINESS CLASS on flights over 4 hours (or fly daytime flights only)
  6. Buy the best, USE AND KEEP IT as long as possible.
  7. NO LIMIT on spending for health pursuits (supplements, chef, personal trainer) or education (courses, events etc)
  8. Earn enough to work only with people I RESPECT and LIKE.
  9. Prioritize life and time OUTSIDE THE SPREADSHEET.
  10. Marry the RIGHT PERSON.