As I transition out of my decade-long business that was acquired by a larger business and having served out my bond that ended in 2017…I am slowly remembering what I enjoy doing, and finding out more what I like over time, which includes:

  • spend time with wife and 2 kids (maybe one more? =D)
  • spend time blogging
  • I wanna try my hands in publishing
  • I wanna spend more time on (yes this site) in writing articles, growing readership and income and more
  • cryptocurrency research, investing and trading
  • read
  • and more

Today, I took a trip to Ikea with my wife, and I found myself being more attentive, mindful and enjoying the experience of just:

  • walking with her
  • talking with her
  • holding hands
  • just spending time chit chatting ideas

…just enjoying my wife’s company.

I mindfully kept my phone away as often as I can, until I find her busy with her phone (she’s way busier than me) and I just try to soak in the moment, the presence, and enjoy.

I love this.

I love this.

This makes me happy.

Then it dawned on me.


…and I love it.

Of course, I am still mindful of what some of my personal aspirations are, which I wrote above.

But, experiencing these moments – I…finally understand what some form of early retirement and freedom is.

I mean, I still worry about money, because we’re not totally having more than enough right now, but as long as we keep costs low, we’d be ok for a while longer.

I still need to hit my big hairy audacious financial goals:

  • SGD 2,000,000 invested in dividend stocks with average 5% returns per annum by 45
  • SGD 2,000,000 in cryptocurrency
  • Owning, affording and living in a landed property in Singapore (or relocated to another country without worry of money) by 40
  • Publish at least one book by 40 years old
  • Online businesses serve readers and clients well (ie readers make more money, have happier/freer life etc), and website makes SGD 10,000 per month
  • Ongoing: spend more quality time with children, wife, family, bible, God (qualitative relationship goal)

But, I am happier.

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Hang around here for some time, you’d see that I don’t well with hype or bullshit. I can smell that typically a mile away, and I hate that shit too.

I’ve been working on myself and on for years, since 2006, and only in late 2019, I started to focus on intuitive and loving leadership, entreprenership and personal development.

Here are some areas that I work on a consistent, ongoing basis.

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See the Tools & Resources I use to improve my life, businesses, health, build passive income and more.

The core topics I cover in is:

  1. Eternal life and salvation: Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth & the Life
  2. Fix your health: get healthier, live longer, run faster, more energy, fuck more
  3. Passive Income Lifestyle: Become financially secure by building assets that provides multiple streams of passive income that’s more than your living expenses
  4. Personal Loving Relationships: Attract, build and grow relationships you love
  5. Philanthropy: giving to the poor and needy
  6. Philosophy: Conscious, purposeful and positive living
  7. Productivity: How to become more efficient and productive in important things. Mastering them causes you take less them whilst increasing productivity.
  8. Insure yourself and your loved ones (Health insurance is important)
  9. Add-on Adventures: Become rich and wealthy
  10. Add-on Adventures: Build businesses that add positive value to your society and life
  11. Success Principles

Take action TODAY: One year from today, you’ll be one year older. What would you have done by then?

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