Make money without money?? Seriously?

Is it really possible to make money without money? The short answer is:

A limited yes

Of course you can make money without money – the lowest hanging fruit is to start a side gig:

  1. If you have a smart phone, you can download sharing economy gigs, where you can help pickup food orders or parcels and hand deliver to the recipient. Grab has this, Uber has this. This can be accelerated if you have transport such as bicycles, scooters, motorbikes, cars but those will incur other costs such as fuel, toll, parking etc.
  2. Walk over to your neighbours in the neighbourhood and offer them services using their equipment (or your own) such as grass cutting, war washing/waxing, power washing, dog walking, kid sitting. These are things you can do in your neighbourhood.

There’s opportunities like these everywhere, and the key is this, you must be

Willing to do the work

If you dont want work and you want money to fall from the sky (which will be nice, I’d like that too), but you gotta do the work.

In the beginning, without money, you’ve got to put in the active hours, the sweat, the strains, the effort. It’s only when you have some money, then you can play a little more game or level up, be it to hire and manage employees, or invest into investments that can provide you passive income.

I recommend people to learn to start an online business

I use this platform to learn, host and manage all my online businesses. Not only is it very affordable at less than $1 a day, it

  • has a powerful leverage: it works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you
  • no ceiling cap of how much you can earn
  • a good skill that you can use to market your own businesses or sell other people’s stuff for a commission
  • this skill is transferable: you can teach your kids and even get paid to teach others

Downside is that it takes quite some time to build traction and traffic (about 18 months+) and it can be lonely, and that’s why I like the platform that I’m using – there’s a very active community that both keeps me accountable but also I can relate, complain to and share my joys with. This makes it a little more sustainable.

Sign up for free (there’s a forever free limited membership, no credit card required) and when you’re ready to take it to the next level, only then you commit. No upsells after.

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