Make money online in Singapore

Are you a fellow Singaporean living in Singapore who’s looking for opportunities to learn and make money online be it to have extra supplementary income, or to quit your job and work from home?

If you said yes to any of the above, you’ve come to the right place – I am here to help.

Ok back to learning and building an online business: what I will share with you is not something that you can earn thousands of dollars in a very short time – it is not a get rich quick scheme, not MLM (yuck) – if you’re looking for those, this article (and the whole site) isn’t for you.

Frankly, anything or anyone that promises you easy and fast money are scams (I track and write about online scams here), and I hope and believe that my readers learn and realize that there is no way to get rich without focus, hard work and consistency.


I recommend that you read till the end of this article because there are a lot of important nuggets of information which may help give you the online business solution that you have been looking for.

The truth about living in Singapore…I love Singapore.

I came from Malaysia, but over time and experience living in Singapore – Singapore to me is a wonderful place to live in, grow old in, have children in – it is truly a lovely place.

My wife is Singaporean, my kids are Singaporean and myself I’m in the midst of applying to be a Singaporean.

But there are some things that you should know about Singapore, that is:


See these two articles:

It’s pretty clear that Singapore, being well run, efficient, super medical facilities and world class shopping and dining – it is not a cheap place to live in.

Most of us who live here in Singapore tend to plan and think and budget in advance before we want or can purchase anything.

Luckily for myself and my family, we tend to live a little more frugal and live not in the main city centre or orchard or bukit timah, but we stay in the heartlands where prices are more competitive, and we tend to cook at home a little more.

But there are 3 most expensive things in Singapore, one of which is optional:

housing accomodation in singapore

  • Housing/Accommodation:

Even a government flat, called HDB, starts at $300K for a small one, but if you want to start a family, you’ll need a bigger one and a good size 4 room flat can easily range from $350K to $700K, depending on the location, proximity to schools/MRT/amenities and maturity of estate.

Private properties range from $900K to millions.

  • Medical Care:

The public healthcare system provides up to 75% subsidies for Singaporeans and there are and increasing amount of schemes to help Singaporeans afford medical care, but the drawbacks of this is the long waiting time and inability to choose your doctors, and the more the subsidies applied the more basic the room/bed is.

Private care whilst fast and very good, can be premium.

Good thing is this is easily overcome with strong basic affordable hospital insurance plans and accident plans, which range in the hundreds (less than $1000) per annum for very good coverage

certificate of entitlement cars singapore

  • Cars, COE and ERP:

To own a car in Singapore…to many is a dream.

Our family also do not own a car (not only because Singapore’s public transport is really world class and affordably within reach), but frankly owning a car in Singapore is really pricey.

First things first, to own a car, you need to buy a Certificate of Entitlement which ranges from $50K – $80K, and this COE lasts for 10 years (yes, then you have to buy COE every 10 years).

Then the cars can range from $50K to $300K, depending on what models you want.

Then you factor in things like petrol (around $200 per month), parking (city about $300+ per month), road tax, insurance, repairs – add up to an estimated $1000 – $2000 per month.

I hadn’t added the ERP gantries, which are basically electronic tolls that whenever you drive through, it charges between $1 to $5 per gantry.

It all adds up. That’s why most of the time, many of us dream about owning cars and opt to take public transport.


busy hectic singapore life
See these articles:

Google search “Singapore hectic lifestyle” and you’ll find 378,000++ articles. And those three articles above are just the tip of the iceberg.

Yes, Singapore life and living can be very, very hectic.

Weekdays are spent waking up early, preparing, rushing to work, work-work-work, come home late, eat, shower, sleep. Repeat. Weekend is to catch up on sleep.

Most of us have a 9 am to 7 pm (or later jobs), and many work Saturdays and overtime.

Funnily enough, during resting time or weekends, we also think about work (I’ve even DREAMT about working and have the usual “woke up on Sunday thinking it’s Monday and OMG I’M LATE” things – hilarious but true).

And then Sunday evening to night…we become quiet and sad…cos we know that we need to go back to work the next day.

As a human being, I want to live a free and rich life. As a husband, I want to ensure my wife doesn’t worry about money.

As a father, I want to ensure my kids have access to schools and opportunities. As a son and son-in-law, I want to ensure my family can afford meals together and medical. I want to be free.

But how many of us can truly achieve this?

Look to the left and right of you, and think – not that many, unless we were born very, very rich.


Good news is that you don’t have to born in a rich family to be rich or live a rich life.

I’m slowly building a portfolio of passive income internet businesses (PIIB) that are putting some money in my pocket, and my portfolio of dividend stocks.

I don’t work from home all the time (hard to when you have kids at home), but I can see my internet businesses paying off and my dividend stocks working hard for me.

I work hard still, waking up at 5 AM (yeah, this really helps with my day and productivity) on my own accord to work on my online businesses, to exercise, pray and think.

Dedication, focus and discipline is very important, and I can say that though I’ve not yet achieved my full online business and dividend stock investing goals, I am happy that I’ve progressed and have fruits of my labor.

In case you’re wondering, my main focus on passive income in my life and on this site is 90% through online business and marketing.

Don’t be too afraid of this because it’s not as difficult as it sounds. In fact, you don’t have to be ultra-smart, ultra-geeky or anything along that lines to learn about online marketing and profit from the internet.

Almost everyone and anyone can be an online business owner, don’t worry even if you have zero experience and zero know-how: everything can be learnt, and we all start somewhere, right?

It’s like running – no one runs 10 km on first time; we often start small, say around 1 km, and then gradually work our way up to 10 km or more over a period of time.

And everyone has their own timing, it’s not a competition, it’s your personal online business journey.

To profit online, you have only one main focus: to promote products and services online, and earn commissions from that.

You do not have to own any of the products or services that you promote (there are many products and services out there), and there is no limit to how much you can earn – it is all performance based.

The more effectively and efficiently you can promote, the more you will make.

wealthy-affiliate horizontal banner
Now if you’re thinking if it’s possible to make money online, or even get rich – of course – it’s definitely achievable. You won’t be the first, neither will you be the last.

Today there is 3,457, 404, 600+ (BILLION) people using the internet, and this number is growing by the seconds (see this link to see live, the number of people using the internet).

The number will only grow.

Your job is to target a very small and targeted number of internet users, and you will make money online, and maybe become rich too.


Everyone’s goals, targets and amounts differ, so this is pretty personal.

For me, my 1st goal is to make $3000 online every month (this amount is the “norm” salary rate in Singapore) and then bring it up to $5000, and a nice figure would be $8000 – $10000.

I am not hitting that levels yet, and you can see my results to date in my passive income reports.

I make an average of $50+ per month now over the last 10 months or so, as I’ve been very focused on building my physical private practice physiotherapy business grow as well as investing heavily into my dividend stocks, but I will be dedicating the next 5 years to building strong internet businesses for the future.

Personally, I am not going to say or lie to you that it’s very easy and you’d start making money from day one – that’s not true.

It’d take just a bit longer than you think, but how fast you succeed really depends on how much effort you put in, how consistent you are and if you’re taking the right steps.

One of the super things about building a profitable online business owner is that your customers are GLOBAL, and not only in Singapore or the country you live in. This is especially true, because I run a few physiotherapy clinics in Singapore, and my customers are based in Singapore only.

(Update 2018: no longer running/owning physiotherapy clinics).

global customers X 24/7 internet x 365 days per year = more sales = more mon

The next good question you should ask next is “How exactly to make money online” – it’s distilled down to 4 main steps.


content traffic presell monetization 4 steps
Step 1: Identify your interest

Note to self: this is very, very important and vital, so please do not rush this part.

Take time to think and write down your top 5 or 10 interests, and speak to people and ask them what you normally talk to them about, and take the best 3.

Then take the top 1, keeping number 2 and 3 for future projects.

As a beginner, please choose a topic that you’re really interested in, or something that your family and friends say that you talk all the time about (yes, ask them – they’ll know). It’s so much easier to setup and keep building your online business when you’re interested in it.

Many people who choose something for the sake of money but they actually hate it, has a higher chance of failing because they just give up…because they just don’t like the topic.

It’s like making/forcing someone who love Apple products to try and love Android – it just doesn’t work that way.

It’d be so much better to build a profitable online business that you life, because if you create an online business that you don’t like…what’s the point?

What kinds of interest?

Really up to you, the world is really big. I’ve seen interests ranging from dating, sex products, gaming, weight loss, pets, supplements – really a lot of things out there, so don’t limit yourself.

Step 2: Build a Website

Many people find the thought of building a website really scary and overwhelming, and I understand – it seems so strange, and there are so many things we don’t know.

I understand – I started out that way too. But luckily, today websites can be build in as fast as 5 to 10 minutes (basic of course), and you can build websites manually or with a website builder.

I don’t recommend building websites manually because that’s really technical using things like CSS, Java and HTML and coding and programming, but today, it’s so much easier.

And when it comes to building a website, you need to mix between quality and quantity, don’t get too caught up “writing the PERFECT post” when you can take the same amount of time to write one perfect post and come up with 5 good enough posts.

Step 3: Web Traffic – Attract potential customers

Then, you need to attract people to your website. There are many ways to do this, but for simplicity sake, let’s focus on the bare basics:

  • 75% of the time on Content creation: writing posts/articles
  • 25% of the time on Marketing: posting your article links on FaceBook, LinkedIn

Ok, let’s make an example, and say I choose DIY Back Pain Treatment. So my website will then revolve around:

  • explaining the anatomy of the back
  • what are the factors and causes of back pain
  • what are some self treatments for back pain
  • what are some products for back pain (supplement, equipment etc)
  • DOs and DONTs

And once your contents are posted/published, then wait for them to get indexed/ranked in Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo and Bing (this part is automated). And once you’ve been indexed, visitors will start to visit your site more and more.

Of course, then it’d make sense that the more articles you write, the more they get indexed, the more visitors you’ll get, so keep writing.

Step 4: Make Money Online (Monetization/Revenue Generation)
make money computer key
Ok here’s the part that everybody always look for: “show me the money”

So once you start to have more and more visitors (web traffic) coming to your site, you can slowly increase the number of product reviews you write (product reviews usually are the products you’re promoting).

Slowly but surely, your commissions and money will start to first trickle in…then into a gentle stream then a flow. The first sale often takes some time to achieve, but focus and keep on pressing on – it’s takes time.

So say to continue on my DIY Back Pain website, and I decide to promote a pain supplement which costs $100 and the commission is 40% for each sale, so each sale will net me $40 commission – note to self: that’s for just 1 product, and 1 sale.

What happens when you do product reviews for tens, hundreds or thousands of products?

The numbers then exponentially grow, and you can most definitely and easily quit your job and work from home making money online if you wanted to (I probably wont, since I have kids at home – don’t tell my wife heh).

What’s more important is then you get to have more options. I will take the surplus and invest into my dividend stocks and enjoy my work, life and family with less money worries.


This is where Wealthy Affiliate (sign up for their free membership here) comes in.

wealthy affiliate

Solo Build It is my #1 tool for local search engine optimization (SEO) domination as well for online marketing which I’ve been using since 2010 personally for multiple projects.

Read why I chose Solo Build It…and more importantly, why I still stay with Solo Build It (SBI) till today and use them exclusively for all my SEO, traffic and e-lead generation.

I wish you all the best in your online success, and may this year be your best year yet!

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