Make $1000 extra per month (Part 1: the easy way)

Earning money can be easier than you think, but it will require some form of work and inconvenience.

It’s not free (at least not yet, at later advanced stages, it can be almost risk and effort free, but that’s at larger sums). Here’s 5 of the simplest ways you can start earning at least $1000/month.

Kill off or downgrade underused subscriptions

  1. Gym membership – you can workout at home
  2. Most expensive internet to standard internet
  3. Streaming services (you dont need that many eg Disney+, Netflix, Cable, Amazon Prime, Google TV, Spotify etc)

Sell off your 2nd and 3rd car (as well as holiday homes)

No, you dont need that 2nd or 3rd car.

Or that holiday home.

Just pay to rent on a as-when basis. This will save you soooooooo much when it comes to monthly maintenance, payments and interests.

Use your devices and cars longer

Instead of changing your phones every year, extend their use for 1-2 more years. Same goes for cars, you dont need to change your car every couple of years.

Packing food to work / eating home more often

I do enjoy the convenience of eating out or ordering in at times, especially when I’m tired but me/family need to eat right? Planning 1-2 steps ahead can help save you a lot of effort and time.

  • Packing food to work can be made simpler by choosing to cook meals that are more transferable to portable food. For example, grilled chicken can be dinner….as well as next day’s chicken sandwich.
  • Batch cooking can work wonders eg whenever I cook a meal, I cook 2-3 portions, and freeze the extra. On those days I’m tired, man, just reheating some pre-cooked food saves time and money. Flavourful too.

Make saving automatic*

This is one of my most underrated yet simple to do/use approach, which using your current bank.

  1. Create an additional digital bank
  2. Set up a standing order / instruction for X amount to be “pushed” there every month after your paycheck
  3. Leave it be (a level up is that this amount goes straight into an investment account to invest into simple index funds)


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