long form writing

I feel particularly sad and upset whenever well-meaning people tell me to write short, short paragraphs. Or better, just a short line.


Because people no longer have long or adequate attention span, it seems.

But I prefer long form, and it’s more natural to me.

Yes, I get it that many people’s attention span is becoming shorter and shorter, but I cannot stand the idea of writing things short or dumbing things down “just to accomodate” the lowest common denominator.

That’s like writing for everyone but actually no one.

That’s like how when I read the general simplified papers and I get it that making things “easy to read” is good in a sense is that it reaches more people…but if it’s too light and not deep or problem solving enough, what’s the point in that?

That’s like redundant.

Also, I’m told to put in big pieces of photos every 300-500 words or so, and I get that too, it separates out big chunks of paragraphs and information nicely, just that it makes the site load a bit slower and slows me down because I actually have to seek specific pictures that are royalty-free and save and then upload them into the website.

That slows me down about 5-15 minutes, depending on how easy or difficult it was to source the photo – this gives me just enough idea to drop pictures entirely, especially when it’s so easy for intellectual property issues to come by.

But that being said, I love long form. Maybe it’s just natural to me. Maybe I’m long winded.

I think the people I write for and to, they are likely similar to me, and hopefully are ok with the way I write.

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Happy 36th Birthday To Me


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