Less Affiliate Marketing, More Asset Accumulation / Building

I’ve been doing and focusing less on affiliate marketing (still doing some, but less focus) due to my nagging sense that affiliate marketing leaves us affiliate marketers at highly exposed risk to affiliate owners or business owners with affiliate programs.

Yes, the upsides are many:

  • no need to create products / services (already done, and proven)
  • no need for customer service etc

But there are a few core downsides:

  • affiliate owners / business owners can change the name of the game anytime and anyhow they wants to
  • they can withhold payments or skim payments etc

And lots of more stories.

Yes, there are a number of successful affiliate marketers out there, but those that are successful, there are many many more unsuccessful ones.

Hence my conclusion is to go back to basics: building and accumulating assets that I can easily understand and control and provide value –

  1. my involvement and time is largely consumed by my work in Phoenix Rehab since I joined them in June 2019, and I’m building the team to be multi-location clinics with multiple clinicians and front desks and more
  2. started NalcoLeads.com where I serve and partner with local business owners and build very niche and local lead-generating sites to drive them business leads. This is something I have been doing anyway for a long time already, so it’s just right up my interest and alley. In fact, what’s more exciting is that I’ve already spoken with a business owner and he has unhesitatingly replied me, at point blank, that he will do rev-share with me for the businesses I send his way (of course due to the current lockdown/circuit breaker I cant, so just will keep adding to the lead generating site for now)
  3. participating in my book publishing works at least once per month or once every other month to build a portfolio of ebooks

Of course, I will help my wife as best I can in our group works collectively as Nalco Group, and I am happy that I am gaining more and more clarity and focus with time, experience, thinking and meditations.

The goal is still the same:

  • seeking and serving God, Jesus and Holy Spirit the best I can in my life, businesses, roles and responsibilities, the truest way possible
  • to continue building the passive income lifestyle by method of serve more value, earn more, invest more, live more, and repeat
  • to continue discovering more about myself, building a legacy worth leaving behind for the kids and the future generations
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