Killing Off NalcoLeads

I picked up a skill recently, called lead generation, and I was intrigued because I know I can (and do) apply it to Phoenix Rehab (which I started to apply more of what I had learnt), but we were advised to become an agency and target hungry business owners from all over the world who are hungry for leads.

I know for myself, as an industrious and hungry business owner and leader, I am, and still till today, I am willing to pay for good leads and business to flow my way, especially to Phoenix.

That being said, because I was parachuted and invited in to help out at Phoenix Rehab already, which itself is a platform for orthopedic and sports group physiotherapy and hand therapy agency, over time, I realized that Phoenix itself already is an agency which has complex and multiple relationships to manage, such as

  1. External vendors
  2. External referrers
  3. Internal clients
  4. Internal clinicians
  5. Internal front desk
  6. Internal other stakeholders

And this itself is already complex for me, and I don’t think I want to deal with, start or manage another complex agency work that involves multi-client sales and management, though there will always be hungry business owners who will pay for leads.

I have tested the offline lead-generation agency business model and I was paid $300 for a single glass job, and it is actually very similar to affiliate marketing (just that affiliate marketing is lead generation for online purchases, as opposed to B2B lead generation which is to generate leads for local businesses).

For the me today in August 2020, I am not keen for it due to having to deal with more variables and humans eg

  • finding hungry business owners who want my leads, firing not-good-fit ones and managing them
  • following up with these business owners who may not want to pay me or have forgotten to attribute it to me
  • following up with the leads
  • etc

Of course, I may change my idea for this over time.

And of course, I will apply all the lead-generation skills and knowledge that I have gained to my existing businesses and the businesses that I take care of – herein, it’s not that I’m killing off NalcoLeads as a whole, but moreso absorbing into my portfolio skills and services used mainly for internal/self-owned/self-managed businesses where the variables are much easier to apply and the incomes will be easier to track and paid for (more straightforward and easy).

So basically for NalcoLeads I’m not gonna serve external clients any longer, save for a very select few.

But what I am looking for, for my Passive Income Lifestyle, needs to be more simple and passive, which leans towards tech-powered online businesses such as and my other publishing ventures where I can keep publishing content, and when readers and clients like my work or like what I recommend and use in my resources page that will help improve their life, I get an affiliate commission at no extra cost to them – and deliver good value!

Goodbye NalcoLeads =)

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