jaaxy enterprise keyword research tool review

I love keyword research.

That is something that has been a constant for the last 10 years.  It really excites me when I dive into a niche or a market and realize how much potential

Up until 2010, the research process was a very manual one for me.  I could perform this much better and much more efficiently than any other keyword tool out there.

From 2002 to 2010 I simply never found a keyword tool that could save me any time  over my existing “manual” process and I found all of them to provide data that was useless (I call it fluff).

That leads me to first, my personal “beef” with keyword tools on the market.


If you have bought into a keyword tool in the past, you will know that many of them produce A LOT of data, metrics and #’s that you have to make sense of.

The problem is that with most of these keyword metrics, there is no value in the #’s.  In other words, most keyword tools provide you with COMPLETELY useless data.

A few things you need to watch out for when buying keyword tools:

  1. Anything that you INSTALL
  2. Anything that provides PPC guestimates
  3. Anything that uses Alexa as the key factor in determining competition
  4. Anything that requires several searches to accomplish a singular task
  5. Tools that don’t pull results from ALL search engines

These are usually indicators that they are low grade search tools.    It doesn’t take long to realize that tools line their pockets providing users with absolutely useless data and is incapable at getting at the meaninful data.


jaaxy enterprise keyword research tool
As I mentioned earlier, I have never really been a fan of keyword tools and their (for the most part) useless data and inability to get at the keyword I want.

When doing research on my niches, there are really only THREE metrics that I care about…

  • How much competition does the keyword have
  • How much traffic does the keyword get
  • Does the keyword make sense.

The last one is based on “common sense”, the first two are metrics that Jaaxy Enterprise can ACCURATELY capture and that I have yet to see any keyword tool efficiently gather.

Keywords that have low competition and get a good amount of traffic are SEO ready and if you can find them, you can literally take over the search engines simply by creating some content or a video that is relevant to that keyword.

Sound easy?

That is because it is, but ONLY if you have this data….


The biggest fear with people these days seems to be the fear that the niche they are going to go into has too much competition.

This is an assumption built on a LACK OF KEYWORD KNOWLEDGE!

To be quite honest with you, the biggest worry of mine has always been that I will never have enough time to address all of the “NO COMPETITION” niches out there.

I have too many keywords, too many ideas, and too many niches that I know I can create a full time income from.   I suppose that is a good problem to have.

I can create successful campaigns “at will” because I know how to find an unbelievable amount of keywords within a niche, because when you have access to a tool like Jaaxy you can uncover things that no other keyword tool can access.

Let me give you a few quick examples here in niches that I can assure you I don’t know anything about (you would hope so anyways), “women’s nylons” and “old age pensions”.

I am going to aim to find keywords that have less than 300 total competing pages in Google (in all of the world), and keywords that get traffic, and they MUST make sense.

Bizarre Niche Choice #1: Women’s Nylons

Search 1: Womens Nylons (Keywords found)

jaaxy keyword research
With one very broad search in Jaaxy, I have been able to quickly come up with 22 keywords that will be quite easy to rank for in Google.  ONE search, less than 20 seconds!

This gives me enough “keywords” to start a campaign targeting womens nylon’s and nylon products.

Piece of cake.

Now let’s try the same within the Old Age Pensions niche.

Bizarre Niche Choice #2: Old Age Pensions

jaaxy keyword research tool old age pension
And just like that, I have 18 old age pension keywords that are going to work brilliantly awesome for my website…in fact, I could probably target these search terms on my website here as people that are looking into old age pension are likely also interest in products like WealthyAffiliate.com (you can get a free Wealthy Affiliate Account here) and Jaaxy.com that can help them build a business online (and during their retirement).

Anyways, this proves the efficiency of Jaaxy.

In two searches and less than ONE MINUTE (literally) I have enough keywords to drive two brand new campaigns, in niches I know nothing about.

This sort of research would take HOURS manually and using other tools, if you could even capture this sort of data (Jaaxy Enterprise is really that bodacious awesome!)


With every search you do in Jaaxy Enteprise, it will tell you which Exact Match Domains (EMD’s) are available with the corresponding search term, 90 domains at a time.

The reality will quickly hit you when that “holy crap, there are a lot of awesome freakin’ domains available).  .com EMD’s that people are selling for $1,000’s within reselling services, I am finding EVERY SINGLE search in Jaaxy.

Want to see?   Check this ONE search out (was actually the same “old age pension” search).

jaaxy shows the types of domains available
You can see, all these prime time .com domains are available.

I could then buy these domains up, I could put a small site up on them, and because Google ranks domains that have the keyword in them very high still (even after the latest Panda update targeting EMD’s), I could basically buy up the first ranking in Google.

$10 for a domain for a year.

1,000’s of clicks.

To me this is a no brainer and a complete business model that Jaaxy Keyword Enterprise opens up because of its ability to find domains so efficiently.


I have just barely brushed the surface of what Jaaxy can do.

There are brainstorming (niche finding) functions, the ability to find easily where your sites are ranked in Google (what page am I on), find affiliate programs, analyze your competitions websites, create keyword lists…and a heck of a lot more.

Those are icing on the cake.

I want to explain to you that there are options for Jaaxy for any budget, from someone just starting out, to someone that understands the importance of keyword research, to the power user.

  1. Jaaxy Starter = Free
  2. Jaaxy Pro = $19 per month, $199 per year
  3. Jaaxy Enterprise = $49 per month (discount this week only), $499 per year

Choose the Jaaxy That Suits YOU Here!

If you are a little unsure and you want to get your feet wet using Jaaxy, try the free version. It is limited, but it will get you a good idea of what to expect >> I recommend this version first. Always try before you decide to commit/buy anything.

If you are starting out and on a limited budget, Jaaxy Pro still rocks.   It will save you hours per day off of your keyword research and still has most of the functions within Enterprise, it just isn’t nearly as “quick”.

This tool is web based so you can acccess it from anywhere that you have an Internet connection, including your phone.  I often find myself in the line up at the grocery store finding keywords or when I get an idea when I am out and about, I do a search in Jaaxy (it stores all of your search history so you can use it to store your ideas!).


Use the keyword research box below.

> Get Your Hands on Jaaxy today, your Online Business will thank you! <<

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