Killed Off Majority Of My Side Projects

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Only leaving a select, core few.

The first priority, goes without saying, is Vitas and Phoenix group of companies – this is my first and most important life work that I am building together with people who mean a lot to me. I am very excited for this still and spend more than 90% of my time here

The second would be “just” having

  • – where I will continue to write, publish books and teach on good success, growth, leadership – meaningful, fulfilling lives
  • Few more which I will reveal later when there is traction and growth – purely delegated
  • I have engaged / hired a coach to guide me on how to build a profitable ebook business that is sustainable and scalable – I’ve been able to make some coffee money online, about $30-50+ a month, but it’s been stagnant and I’d like to scale up to $1000+/month

That’s it for my professional and entrepreneurial life – of course it’s not small dreams and plans. Vitas and Phoenix will go mid 7-figures, but I believe we can achieve 8-figures, and the remaining 3 can be at least 6-7 figures.

It’s culling, refining and focusing on things that interests and matters to me, where I can serve, where I can “scratch” my entrepreneurial mind and itch…and build a good lifestyle, income, legacy and team.

Where are you headed in this decade?

Where To Next?

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