I Don’t Mind Being Blocked

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On WhatsApp or social media or anywhere, like where some of our self-misunderstand-things-so-called-“friends” who misunderstand, do not seek the truth and just block us and go around our social circle with scandalous lies and untruths.

Who needs enemies when we have “friends” like this right? Hahaha!

Oh well, I really don’t mind – I’d continue to do the right things and say the right things, even if it’s unpopular or if it’d end up with me being blocked or disliked. I’m not here to be popular, and I urge you to be very careful with “passionate” but one-dimensional, superficial individuals or companies out there.

Even family members aren’t excluded from this.

The truth matters more than popularity or fear of rejection (of course I won’t be rude about it nor tactless, but tough conversations need to be had to ensure that everything is connected and clear), and all my readers need to be extra vigilant, smart and seek the truth in all matters, don’t be easily persuaded by one-sided, one-dimensional and dangerous passionate individuals.

I get it, seeing someone who is burning with passion can be really energizing, and we can get caught up in the moment…but there is such a thing as being sincerely wrong.

Block me if you want, but I will still continue to speak the truth, and assuredly, the truth will come to light. You liars can lie all you want, tell yourself and smoke yourself all you want. The outcomes will be just a few:

  • God knows and we all will need to account to Him when we meet him at the end.
  • People around you will eventually know the truth, and you will have to accept that you lied.
  • If you don’t accept that you lied…and that’s you and no one else…I will continue to pray for your growth and goodness to eventually show up =)

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