“I Didn’t Read The Contract So It Doesn’t Count”

i am a good man i am a good man

This is a memory of a distant past, and is a story how one fails at leadership and personal integrity.

The words mentioned by someone I know, in their bidst to exit a contractually binding agreement.

Deny, deny, deny, in their bidst to say that it wasn’t their fault – that it doesn’t count because they didn’t read the agreement.

And go on and tell their tribe an entirely different narrative that suits their preference.

Let’s call this person, jamhead.

This is a fine example of non-integrity – it’s central to the core of their being, that when it’s tough and with crunch time, to

  • deny the truth
  • deny their involvement
  • change the truth to their convenient and suitable story

This is the same reason why also the people jamhead poached/try to poach:

  • within 7 days, 2 were fired for asking for higher walls for client’s privacy
  • one of jamhead’s “close support” left within a period of time
  • another 2 left within weeks
  • another one left in 3 days (this one was tempted by money jamhead offered, but they could see it’s rubbish)
  • another was being poached by jamhead, but turned jamhead down immediately because they saw how unprofessional jamhead was

Because of this: people ain’t dumb. One can spread rumours, bitch, backstab, and it may be fun for the one doing it – but people aren’t dumb. They can see. If not now, then later. That’s why there’s an idiom saying:

The truth will come to light.

That being said, integrity is central to one’s ability to lead oneself and people. Integrity is being honest and telling the truth, and that the spoken words match with actions. It’s so easy but it’s so profoundly difficult it seems.

There is no leadership without integrity – that is why there is the quote of “there is no honor amongst thieves” – they will just die to infighting or in some inglorious manner.

It is the same reason why they will likely not able to grow their business as well, other than just do inflationary stuff that can agree with them, a la echo chambers. Or that they are doomed to repeat fail relationships (eg multiple divorces, breakups, etc) – what isn’t resolved will repeat. Then again, like attracts like doesn’t it.

But I would say: life and business is many, many times better without this jamhead.

  • No more lying and politicking and forced to pick sides.
  • No more drama.
  • No more backstabbing and bitching.

Lol, it’s quite interesting how one can try to say “I never read so my signature on the agreement don’t count” – this is not just denial of the agreement – it points to the complete absence of ability to comprehend, plus lying nature of backtracking.

Good riddance and goodbye jamhead.

Happiness+1000 now =)

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