How To Take Back Control Of Your Life

In a very unsexy way, the best measurable way to take back control of your life is in your very, very unsexy topic of your calendar.

Yep, your schedule.

For anyone, no matter what you say, show me your schedule and I’ll show you where you’d end up.

  • It doesn’t matter how passionate you are
  • It doesn’t matter how big your goals are
  • It doesn’t matter how many networks you have
  • It doesn’t matter how much money you have

Just show me your schedule and we will and can know where you’d end up.

Your Schedule Is The Answer

It’s very straightforward – what you do everyday will lead you to where and who’d you become eventually.

  • Have useless meetings everyday, in 1+ years time you’d end up being a master of useless meetings.
  • Don’t work out everyday (or work out adhoc as and when), in 1+ years time you’d be exactly if not worse of physically.
  • Don’t work towards a big important goal of yours, in 1+ years time you’d be exact where you are if not worse.

Imagine if you do something wrong OR don’t do something right for 10, 20, 50 years. What, where and who would you end up being?

The #1 killer of hopes and dreams isn’t a bad job or bad boss or bad spouse or whatever incident – it’s the result of busyness that leads you nowhere. An empty schedule that reeks of reaction living and responding or reacting to whatever incidents that happen will lead to nowhere but being a master reactor.

And one cannot react or respond to good mastery.

Anyone who is a master piano player, master basketball player, master chef, master anything – they did it by dedicated practice of improving their craft, day-in-day-out. No matter what, they picked up their craft to practice and improve and pursue mastery, diligently, proactively.

Every, single, fucking day.

  • No matter how they felt.
  • No matter what happened.
  • No matter who said what or did what.

Nigel, But I Have A Job!


Most of us too.

Either you love your job and get damn good at it (and make sure it pays you well)…or not.

If not, you don’t have to quit your job (yet) to pursue or take control of your life. In fact, having some semblance of stability will ALLOW you to explore your passions, interests and growth OUTSIDE your day job. Most of us have to work during the usual 9-5 (or 8-8), to ensure that they have stable income and sanity, and then only work on their craft or entrepreneurship OUTSIDE of the usual 9-5.

Everyone has to struggle, and that is why I often share that struggle is good.

…but only when it is used well.

If someone just hates the struggle and gets bitter about it, lamenting

  • I should have been born rich so that I can become rich and free
  • I should marry someone rich so that I can become rich and free
  • I should hang out around someone rich so that I can become rich and free
  • etc

If no one has told you this, it doesn’t work that way.

What you have now, who you are now, where you are now – it is ALL you have. There is no use blaming or saying “I should / would / could” – do not blame the only things you have.

Take Back Control Of Your Own Life

First, if you don’t have a stable day job yet, get one. If you have one already, good, get good at it and ensure stability in income, have a roof over your head, pay the bills, have food on the table, exercise and sleep regularly etc. Get this groove stable.

Second, is to find something that you love that is profitable that you can hustle and work on the side. Outside your day job. Maybe

  • learn how to build a profitable online business
  • do something quick, here and now, such as walking the dog, baby sitting, tutoring, delivery etc – things people need now

And get really good at that too. Take the extra income and invest into stable dividend-paying cashflow projects, such as

  • dividend stocks*** (including REITs)
  • real estate**
  • cryptocurrency*

I always prefer dividend stocks because they’re predictable and liquid, and there are so many businesses that can be found in dividend stocks. If one likes real estate, one can buy REITs (real estate investment trusts) which pays regular dividends – it’s like owning shopping malls and buildings but outsourced management and tenancy etc. Repeat that and get better that that process, until you

  • find something better
  • upgrade / scale up your side hustle
  • hit your passive income goals

That’s it really – that will free you up from the daily routine and day job, where you can finally work for fun and do your life’s work.

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