How to progress and stop holding yourself back by controlling the narrative and perspectives in your head

Our human minds are amazing, but sometimes my Lord, it can work against our best interest when we don’t use it well. Taking control of your focus and perspective will increase your likelihood to succeed by a wide margin. Here’s what I learnt.

TLDR: the key to progress is to focus (and speak) only on the path that gets you there, NOT the obstacles in your way.

Our human brains cannot see or think in a negative, such as if I tell you “don’t think of a burger” – most of the time, we’d think of a burger.

Replace this with “dont think of a ___ with anything”,

  • elephant

  • car model X

  • watch

  • etc

and immediately your brain will think of what you’re NOT supposed to be thinking about.


Aaaaaannnd since we can’t “dont think” and we’re surrounded by much negativity, it becomes very easy to repeat negative stuff to ourselves or to focus on negative stuff, like “I’m boring” or “I cant get a job” or “I cant find _____”

We all know sometimes when we say we can’t find the keys / salt / something, it may be just right in front of us, isn’t it? Happens all the time to me in the past, when I cant find my name tag or my keys or some shit I need 5 minutes ago lol

Our brains are amazing, but damn, it can work against us if we don’t use it well such as slowing us down or just shutting down our hopes entirely, fuck this when this happens.

Frankly, that’s a waste of this function.

Instead use it brainhack yourself to increase your motivation and focus to push through projects, limitations, fears, anxieties, and above all, to help you achieve what you set out to achieve.

Example in group basketball, when you get the ball, what do you do? Do you just see the number of opponents in your way and moan about that? Of course not – the opponent’s job is the stop/slow you and get the ball from you.

Your job in that very moment?

See the opponents…but more importantly, see the PATH between them that you need to maneuver to take the shot or pass the ball strategically to someone who can score the shot.

The answer to progress, succeed and get what you want is profoundly simple at times:

  • keep your eyes on the path that brings you to where you want to go

  • speak what you want and about the path that brings you to where you want to go

Nothing else.

Will you suffer failures? Yes. Setbacks? Yes. Betrayals? Maybe. Pain? Yes. But is it worth it? Yes.

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