How to profit in a market crash

Recognize market crashes as one thing: awesome sales season

I’ve always wondered how interesting it was, that when share prices drop, “investors panic”…

Funnily, I think if my favorite phone maker’s phone prices drop, I would scoop up a new one and enjoy it at a discount, rather than sell my existing phone at a loss…correct?

I think investors who panic and quickly sell, aren’t really investors. They probably are either

  • speculators + day traders who “always want quick profits”
  • inexperienced investors who dont have an investing strategy and philosophy

Go back to fundamentals as an investor

  1. Keep saving up extra money every month from your career, business or investments
  2. Keep a close eye on a bunch of company shares whose business will likely be around for a long time and is profitable
  3. Ask yourself is the newly discounted price accurate or not? If it’s a good price and good company, then wont it be a buy decision?
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