How to invest aggressively to become rich?

The biggest key to becoming rich and wealthy

in one single philosophy: investing consistently, carefully yet aggressively.

  • consistent means to do it constantly, without giving up and slowing down
  • carefully means to do your due research and diligence without just blind following or random
  • aggressively means to choose higher returns balanced with risk and time

The 3 pillars of wealth

Investing aggressively has “only” 3 pillars that will bring you closer and closer to your wealth goal, which is:

  1. earning more
  2. saving more TO
  3. invest more (including reinvesting returns)

And guess which of these are the MOST important of these 3?







That’s a trick question actually, all 3 of them are equally important and work together to bring you wealth.

  1. If you dont earn more, you cant save more and you wont be able to invest.
  2. If you cant save, then you’d never be able to invest.
  3. If you are not able to bring yourself to invest, then you’d be like most loser savers: your hard earned monies will lose their value over time due to inflation.

The biggest piece of the wealth puzzle

There is two “secrets”, there is a sort-of gentle hierarcy.

In my opinion, in the beginning, the most important of the 3 is the ability to earn more consistently, over time. Through work and/or business. If you’re like me, starting out with nothing (or worse, debt, like me), then you will have to find a way to create a consistent surplus of cash every single month.


Either you spend less, earn more OR spend-less-while-earning-more (this is my preferred option).

The goal is to create a large and consistent surplus every month so I can dollar-cost-average (DCA) into the investments of my choosing, be it

  • stocks including dividend stocks, REITs, ETFs
  • real estate
  • cryptocurrency such as bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH)
  • others

My (and your) first goal is to keep investing patiently into appreciating assets such as I mentioned above, until their value and profit reach a stage where I can live off the dividends and profits, and that’d lead me into the 2nd secret, which is to make sure my investments dont lose money and equally as important, keep growing in value.

Choose something that works for you, and go for it.

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