How To Increase Online Traffic, Sales and Revenue: Real Life Case Study

Today, I’d like to share with you how averages 9000 – 11000 visitors every month, and how within the first year of using Site Build It, we generated an additional $20,421.16 in revenue. And that’s just the first year…in an answer to one of my buddies, Daniel, who’s a totally awesome buddy, helping first time buyers and property investors to find their dream homes and investment in a professional and fun way.

I often have many friends who ask me how to get found easily and readily on the internet, in a bidst to increase traffic to their websites and subsequently businesses, for the purpose of sending the word out that more may be served for the benefit of all.

Here’s what had happened: he dropped me a text asking me about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how someone is trying to get him to pay $3000 for them to teach him, and how he had used about $1000 to try Pay Per Click and another software to no avail. I like the way he experiments and tests – it’s very good, and how he connected with me to ask my opinion.

This article will be very specific on website development to increase targeted traffic by becoming an Authority Site: I’ll briefly show how I analyzed the performance of his websites, and give him a focused strategy for his online marketing campaign instead of having a vague concept and approach, and the system I actually use and continue to use till today to keep driving business and leads. It’s all done in an email conversation style, so it’d be quite casual toned.

Hi Daniel

I’ve seen all four of your websites from:

  • (561 pages)
  • (6 pages)
  • (3 pages)
  • (6 pages)

By far and large, is the strongest in terms of pages that is listed on google, but according to Alexa, there is no

  • in-linking from other websites
  • identifiable keyword that your website is known for specifically
  • a very young website

From SEOquake:

Page info:


Title: Daniel Yeong ASIA ELITE REALTY NETWORK PTE LTD www danielyeong com

Meta keywords: Property, Listings

Meta description: Daniel Yeong CONSULTANT ASIA ELITE REALTY NETWORK PTE LTD property agent in Singapore View details and all available listings

Internal links: 21 (0 nofollow)

External links: 3 (0 nofollow)

Server: Apache



 PR:   Cached: 31 Dec 2012  Tw:   l:   +1: 















 whos  Rank:








 L:   L:   LD:   LD2: 


source Robo:



: yes














Keywords density:

Total words: 249

Keyword Found in Repeats Density
singapore D 9 3.61
avenue 7 2.81
property K D 6 2.41
chestnut 6 2.41
price 6 2.41
eco 5 2.01
sanctuary 5 2.01
condominium 5 2.01
application 5 2.01
000 4 1.61

Total 2 word phrases: 26

Keyword Found in Repeats Density
eco sanctuary 5 4.02
sanctuary condominium 5 4.02
condominium chestnut 5 4.02
chestnut avenue 5 4.02
avenue singapore 5 4.02
singapore s 5 4.02
price on 5 4.02
on application 5 4.02
000 price 4 3.21
application eco 4 3.21

Total 3 word phrases: 18

Keyword Found in Repeats Density
eco sanctuary condominium 5 6.02
sanctuary condominium chestnut 5 6.02
condominium chestnut avenue 5 6.02
chestnut avenue singapore 5 6.02
avenue singapore s 5 6.02
price on application 5 6.02
000 price on 4 4.82
on application eco 4 4.82
application eco sanctuary 4 4.82
daniel yeong consultant D 2 2.41

Total 4 word phrases: 14

Keyword Found in Repeats Density
eco sanctuary condominium chestnut 5 8.03
sanctuary condominium chestnut avenue 5 8.03
condominium chestnut avenue singapore 5 8.03
chestnut avenue singapore s 5 8.03
000 price on application 4 6.43
price on application eco 4 6.43
on application eco sanctuary 4 6.43
application eco sanctuary condominium 4 6.43
daniel yeong consultant asia-elite 2 3.21
yeong consultant asia-elite realty 2 3.21

What I think:

I think that whilst is strong in terms of number of pages indexed on google, yet it is not known as an “Authority Site” with no particular focus except for current/recent projects.

If I’m not wrong, the other 3 pages is more like current projects to tap on current market demands etc.

However, before we even go anywhere, let’s first define exactly what you want. I’m gonna make some assumptions, so correct me if I’m wrong. The main reason or focus that you want to do is to tap on possible first time buyers and investors who are searching for a professional and ethical property agent to represent them and help them secure a home or investment property, namely you, right.

You may update them on the website on new, ongoing or upcoming projects, as well as market sentiments and changes in policy, but the goal is to show that you’re trustworthy and will help them.

Assuming that my assumptions are correct, I’ll suggest for you to focus all your online effort onto creating this thing called building authority and credibility: “Authority Sites”

It’s what I do with my own first business at You can swing by to take a peek, and you’ll realize that it’s not really a pretty website, but goodness, it works. Refer to both my attachments to you, and you’ll realize that my website average about 9000 – 10000 visitors every month.

I don’t spend a single cent on PPC Adwords, nor do I do any creative campaign on social media or whatnot.

Simply because my niche is not a niche where my target audience wants me to be loud and proud. I’m in healthcare, and my target audience is looking for the assurance and hope that someone can help them to ease their pain and help them get better, and that is what we do best.

I found that for Authority Sites like mine (and possibly yours), using a proper system designated for such function is required (note: things like free hosting is crap, wordpress is more for social type of communications), and that I use: Site Build It. Click here and it’d bring you to my walkthrough of SBI – it’s a platform that I’ve been using since 2010, and it’s brought me $20,000+ worth of patients (which is roughly about 170 customers/visits) in a single year (I elaborate further in this post).

For me, 170 patients may equate $20,000. For you, 170 clients or customers will be much much more, assuming they close well, as we are in different industries.

Of course, I spent a LOT OF TIME building the website, I created 200 pages in 3 months for the quick results, and till today, in 2013, 3 years after I created so many pages, I’m still adding pages to my Authority Site in physiotherapy. It’s not easy – it has much of my blood, sweat and tears. All the hours contributed to my back and neck pain, and a multitude of other problems, but I don’t really regret it, unless it really hurts.

Here’s what I want you to do: read the two posts that I did: on Site Build It and how it helped me since year 1 to add business. I pay USD299 per year to use and continue using this system, and I don’t pay anything else, though you may want to in the future.

Two testimonials of other SBI users other than myself that is pertinent to you:

“Real people actually visited my site from the search engines, just like Dr. Ken told me would happen all the way through the Action Guide. And some of them started to convert into income. I was hooked. Once you see the traffic start – real people who want the information you provide – it’s just a matter of doing more and more of the same. It’s really simple once you know how. Build more and more traffic. “PREsell” by giving people information they want, and THEN monetize (how you are going to make money off your site).”

Judd Burdon

“The process is just so logical… Content – Traffic – PREsell – MONETIZE. Starting with content (after all, that’s what people search for, so that’s where we begin, too). Right from the start, SBI showed us how to brainstorm our idea to find out if it was valid. It helped us choose and register our site name. Then it supplied the tools to create a content rich themed site, which the search engines love.”

Fiona McCardle/Jim Andrew
Rent a Villa in Tuscany

That’s it for now Daniel, lot’s of homework for you to read and do, but don’t rush things, take things one step a time. Get back to me if you have any other questions ok, but read through the things I ask you to read first.

For full transparency, I am a strong advocate of SBI and I also am an affiliate for them, unashamedly. I endorse using their services and tools, and personally use them since 2010, even till today. The SBI link in the posts are affiliate links that will earn me a commission if you purchase through them. If you do, I absolutely appreciate it and if you have any questions about any of the products or services please contact me! Also, as I run an entrepreneurship platform on, I may use the conversations that I share openly as learning points with my readers.

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