How to earn more as an employee

Sometimes we feel trapped as employees to earn more – the company may say “we’ve maxed out our budget”…but I can tell you, as a business owner, that if you come to me and tell me

I’ve an idea that may be profitable

I’d be happy to hear my employees out, and let them execute it and share the profits with them after deducting expenses and taxes. Not a hard decision for me, if an employee come to me and share this with me. We can provide some resources but it has to be helmed by the employee.

Less risk for them, less risk for the business, but everyone gets to share. In fact if the idea does well enough, I will do a spin-off by creating a business and giving them some shares (equity) where they can buyback with certain targets.

I think that’s fair and works for everyone.

If not, then a side hustle it is

The era of internet as well as sharing economy has changed the side hustle landscape for all if not most of us. Think about it, some “easy low hanging fruits” are

  • Spare room: rent it out or AirBNB it out
  • Storage space: rent it out
  • Food / parcel deliveries
  • Driving people around using Uber, Lyft, Grab etc
  • Tutoring
  • Errands

If not, then you can do the traditional low hanging route, such as

  • baby sitting
  • lawn mowing
  • snow shovelling (seasonal though)
  • tutoring
  • etc

Take it one notch higher

Those I mentioned earlier are low hanging fruits that just work, but there’s others too that you can consider which you can grow well

  • trade skills: handyman, electrical, walling, plumbing – skills that people pay lots for convenience
  • sales skills in the world of properties, insurance
  • learn to build an online business with this platform

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