How To Deal With Entrepreneurship Loneliness

Entrepreneurship loneliness is a real thing, and now with COVID19 and global work from home, this is also affecting employees who ends up isolated and working long hours by themselves from home.

If they live alone far from family, that’s worse.

We all need to learn how to deal with entrepreneurship loneliness, and here are 10 ideas that you can consider:

  1. Talk to people: your parents, your siblings, your friends etc. Pickup the phone and call them. Don’t text them. Call instead.
  2. Video conferencing such as whatsapp video call, Skype or Zoom is better than nothing and definitely better than a text.
  3. Network with people who are either in your same industry, or in business networking group such as BNI (Business Networking Initiative)
  4. Physical conferences are great places to meet like-minded people to discuss about common topics, problems, solutions etc
  5. Arrange to meet someone in your area over coffee (or whatever you all prefer), and just connect, live, in person.
  6. Get / Give mentoring – this one takes time, because not everyone will be wanting or available to mentor or mentee.
  7. Hire Coach to help your business, fitness – whatever, and this can help you get out of your isolation quicker, plus help you.
  8. Schedule me-time out of office / business to go for walks, museums, libraries, workouts etc.
  9. Join a professional organization of your trade, and volunteer your time there to serve.
  10. Join mastermind groups where you connect and help each other on a deeper level

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