How To Build A Business That Runs Without You

Learning how to build a business that run without you will be one of the key / core differentiators between an entrepreneur / small business owner and a CEO of a business.

It will increase the value of your company, free up your time to work on the business (and not be busy in it only), spend time with loved ones, or start another business hehe. This is also the difference between entrepreneurs and small business owners versus CEOs of growth and larger companies.

There are a few steps you need to do to do this, which is mainly around systematizing (pretty much fancy word for “recipe”), showing the hiree how to do it first, then they do it with you, then they do themselves.

You may need to pay to use the right tools when it makes financial sense – using the right tools will save you time and money and frustration – lots of it.

Thank you for watching how to build a business that runs without you.

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