Health, Energy & Vitality

You only have one body, and it’s the only body you’d ever have in your life – take care of it. All the money and time in the world is useless if you’re limited by disease or disabilities.

It’s so easy to neglect your own health in pursuit of earning more and entrepreneurship (or whatever).

I know, because I did just that. In 2008 when I started my first business, I had so much fun learning, growing, applying and earning that I neglected my health. I went from a fit and healthy 75 kg, exercising 3-5x a week to almost no exercise at all.

Naturally, I ballooned to a hefty 95 kg.

My health declined, and I came close to being diagnosed with high blood pressure.

Of course, business was fun: I successfully built a 7-figure business from a humble $65 start up. It was good…but boy, my health is 100x more important now that I look back.

Health Is NEVER Worth Neglecting

We may think that we’d lose out by spending time exercising or taking care of ourselves and our health, thinking that “that self care and exercise time can be better used to build the business and earn more money” – that is so far from the truth.

The truth is this:

  1. When we take care of our physical health, we actually have more energy, less injuries, less disease
  2. When we take care of our mental health, we can process information faster, make better decisions, think better

Just those two can accelerate our business and productivity by so, so much.

Health and life can be fragile – it’s our responsibility to take care of our only body and health to become anti-fragile.

When I lost my dad in a very sudden 17-day ordeal because he didn’t care enough of his own health, that really woke me up from neglecting my health. I had a blackout incident too at the height of stress. I want to be around for a long time, to be with my wife and kids, family, businesses and causes that I enjoy.

Taking care of yourself isn’t rocket science, it can be really basic and fundamental, such as:

Sleeping Earlier / Regularly

Set a time to unplug all your devices (at least 2 hours before bedtime), place it out of your reach. Ideally, no TV or media devices in the bedroom at all.

Bedroom is for unwinding, passionate love making, kissing, light reading.

Exercise 3-7x per week & Move More

Our bodies are made to move, not to sit down for long periods of time. When we don’t move enough, we’d get more physical health issues.

Implement more movements in your natural life:

  • For people who work long hours, take 5+ minutes every 30-60 minutes to stand and stretch and walk about. This prevents a lot of damage in the muscles, joints and soft tissues (including the eyes).
  • Park your vehicle a little further away, or stop a few stops further from home to walk a little longer home (if you live in an apartment, you can climb a few flights of stairs daily)

Find out an exercise regime that works for you. Like for myself, I just like lifting weight – I signed up for a gym, and I’m starting off with at least 2x a week of gym work. Once I get stronger, I’ll go at least 3x a week, and this is hardwired into my schedule as a non-negotiable activity. For you, it may be group exercise (may be harder with COVID), or yoga, or swimming – find what works for you, and just do it regularly.

Health Supplements

With fast food, fast life and hectic schedules, I believe in regularly taking high quality health supplements to provide a nutrition buffer to supplement and bolster my nutrients intake.

Men’s Daily Pack – Everyday Health

Men’s Daily Pack

The Men’s Daily Pack is a powerful blend of 102 high-quality vitamins, minerals, herbs, antioxidants, fruits, vegetables and essential fatty acids. It’s loaded with high doses of essential nutrients which often exceed the minimum daily value.

This convenient one-a-day stack gives you an easy way to support your healthy lifestyle, everyday to improve your energy level, support metabolism and muscle development. It contains 42 fruits and vegetables, essential vitamins and nutrients, omega 3, 6 and 9 and is not genetically modified.

Read more or purchase men’s daily pack here:

Mushroom Defence – Immunity Support

Mushroom Defense™

Mushroom Defense™ helps boost your immune system.

It’s a powerful blend of 10 mushroom mycelium and fruit bodies that help strengthen immune function and rapid response at the cellular level – works to improve immune function, speed of defence, increase energy and available antioxidants in your system

Read more or purchase Mushroom Defence here:

Brain Pill – Improve Memory, Mental Sharpness & Prevent Mental SlowdownBrainPill™

Memory loss really hits home.

It’s both sad and lonely – to say nothing of the decrease in productivity at work and the effects on family and friends. BrainPill was designed to address that, with a series of clinically studied natural nootropics that help clients: to improve memory and cognitive functions, recall facts faster, focus and perform under pressure and eliminate brain fog.

BrainPill™ is approved by Ken Jennings, the all-time highest-grossing Jeopardy champion with 74 consecutive wins, who uses the supplement to stay sharp and on top of his game.

Read more or purchase Brain Pill here:

Maximum Digestion Probiotic – Gut, Skin and Immune System Support

Maximum Digestion Probiotic

It increases the amount good gut bacteria and maintains the ratio of good versus bad microflora in your gut. This helps your body to better support nutrients and improve immunity, skin and hair health.

Read more or purchase Maximum Digestion Probiotics here:

CurcleveMuscle, Tendon & Joint Pain and Inflammation  


  • Formulated to Reduce Inflammation and Pain
  • Natural Pain Relief from Stiff & Achy Joints
  • Promotes Gut Health
  • Improves Body’s Immune Function
  • Increases Nutritional Absorption of the Body
  • Improves Cognitive Function
  • Absorbs up to 285x better than Standard Curcumin

Read more or purchase Curcleve here:

VigRXPlus – Stronger, harder and longer-lasting erections

VigRX Plus®

  • Daily Supplement For Male Sexual Enhancement
  • Rated #1 For Results Since 2001!
  • For Bigger, Harder, Longer-Lasting Erections
  • See Results In As Little As 7 Days

It’s doctor endorsed AND rated #1 for results by clients. In an industry filled with sketchy, even unsafe products, VigRX Plus® offers men proof of safety with video endorsements from REAL doctors, plus client testimonials with illustrative picture proof.

Read more or purchase VigRXPlus here:

Read & Listen To Good Stuff That Feeds Your Brain

I am a voracious reader, from books and blogs and websites to help me gain more insight to how to be a better therapy businessman, investor, father, husband, friend and more.

It’s so affordable nowadays to learn what someone has learnt and put into a book, blog or podcast (which can be free).

Do it as you

  • Wait for someone / food / delivery
  • Commute
  • Cook
  • Etc

Even if you read one book per year, you’re ahead of the game (I read on average 15 – 25 books per year, besides conferences etc)

Visit my recommended books category at the bottom of resources.

Pray & Meditate

I am a Christian, a believer of God the Father, Jesus Christ the Messiah and the Holy Spirit.

I try my level best to read the bible and pray every single morning to start the day, and definitely when I find myself stuck in therapy business situations, other than consulting my mentors and associates, I find the more I spend time in praying and meditation I get many insights and solutions to get unstuck and overcome barriers.

Date & Social Events

Since 2008, my wife and myself has been so busy hustling that it becomes very easy to tag team and build therapy businesses and stuff together, but we seldom go out or spend time like truly spend time together.

It’s been so long that trying to break this pattern is difficult, as we’re so utilitarian that meals can be short and sweet and we’re always talking about work (not a problem for us), but I recently installed a regular lunch with my wife just to eat together and connect, and it’s been wonderful.

An extension of this is to spend time with/calling family and friends and children, as time on earth is so short and fleeting, and in the end, most of us love our family and friends.

Guess What?

As I implemented these, the most common fear was that our therapy business would “decline” because we spend less time in them, but that didn’t happen. In fact, the opposite happened.

Our business thrived and bloomed even more, and I think it’s because:

  1. We started building deeper relationships with our friends and family, and as a by-product, that indirectly improved businesses
  2. We got happier, so when we worked, people noticed it and they too enjoyed working more with us
  3. We got more effective, streamlining and dropping unnecessary work/processes and achieving more
  4. We got healthier, and a byproduct of that is that we got more effective

It worked out well!

Take care of your own health and the relationships you have with your family, friends and loved ones, it’d be more helpful than you think =)

Where To Next?

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