Heck It, I’m Gonna Write BOTH

Both refers to:

  1. Passive Income Freedom Lifestyle Entrepreneurship
  2. Growth+Mastery Mindset & Habits

Passive Income Freedom Lifestyle Entrepreneurship

I added the word “Freedom” in, which to me, refers moreso to the flexibility, freedom and options associated with surplus of passive income, and it’s one of the core focus I have, which is to build a lifestyle that has flexibility and freedom, funded by passive income entrepreneurship. Of course, by providing solid value to clients.

Entrepreneurship, both physical (offline, real world) and online/internet businesses is to me, the #1 approach to build more income that can and will help me build a passive income freedom.

Here in this topic I will write and cover all about offline and online business, including:

  • Freelancing
    • How to start a side business of freelancing and earn extra income immediately
    • How to get more quality and high-value clients
    • And how to progress to physical business but I recommend moreso to…
  • Build online businesses that we care about that delivers good value to clients and get paid well. This will cover
    • Affiliate marketing and kindle ebook publishing
  • A small section will be dedicated to passive income investing, where one can invest into different passive income vehicles and instruments including income stocks and index funds; as well as “retiring early but sort off”

The other section, is the Growth+Mastery Mindset & Habits, is the other side of the coin.

There is no way anyone can become successful, build passive income lifestyle freedom, be productive, be happy – whatever it is, without a sound working framework of Growth+Mastery Mindset & Habits, there will be no success or passive income. The reason for this is that success isn’t sudden avalanche or luck – it’s built on layers and layers on small success on things that matter.

It’s the growth, mindset, tenacity, persistence, personal development and habits that embodies them that allows us to achieve all the dreams we have about our best life or best business or best spouse or best family – whatever we can think of.

If you can dream it, you can do it – Walt Disney

I took a walk back to memory lane to reminisce, recall and remember where I came from:

  • Remembering that 12 years ago today (2008), I pulled the plug and quit my job to start my freelancing journey as a locum occupational therapist, leading me to instantly increase my total take home from $2000 a month to $4800, and at the same time, I actually work less (from 50+ hours a week to 40-44 hours a week) due to less admin and I was instantly happier due to less politics and more straightforward approach to work
  • Realizing that I had spent tens of thousands of dollars to learn and improve and optimize my understanding and game of freelancing, therapy business, and then onto online business, kindle publishing, their tools, books and passive income streams (the passive income lifestyle)
  • Remembering that one of my biggest pain points is that I HAVE to be away from my kids for a good 8-10 hours for 6 days a week. This one typically hurts me the most. And worse is that I am actually perpetuating this problem because the more I do this, the more my kids will believe and think that that is entirely normal. And I don’t want that

So that’s why based on the culmination of my experiences, past, looking at where I am today, and where I want to go and be in the future, I choose:

  1. Passive Income Freedom Lifestyle Entrepreneurship
  2. Growth+Mastery Mindset & Habits

Freelance First

I still believe in the world of offline business and freelancing, which is where I started my entire business journey, and from there, I kept leveling up to start a physical business location, failing for 3x until my fourth physiotherapy and hand clinic started to make good sustainable profits – that’s why I believe for anyone who is struggling with money and their life right now, they need to first earn more, by freelancing.

Then with the income and savings from freelancing, you will have more options, which is either to quit your job / fire your boss to freelance more or to start an offline physical business location but I prefer for you to have a stable job + side income AND then take the side income to pay off whatever you need to pay off, and take some money to learn how to build an online business (the direction I’m headed and taking).

You see, I believe in online businesses and the internet, because

Online and internet businesses are the way of the future.

Look at companies like:

  • Amazon – purely online
  • Uber / Lyft / Grab – purely online (Grab’s moving offline too)
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Shoppee
  • Lazada

…and a whole slew of them. It’s the way of the future. Even if it’s not, I want it to be MY and YOUR way of the future. Other benefits including and most importantly to me, is that I can spend time with people, projects and causes that I care about.

Which of course, will include my beloved wife and kiddos and projects such as Phoenix Rehab, family etc.

That’s one of my strongests “whys” ie my personal reasons to do well and have more time with them (and to have them in the first place, as it’s kinda tough to have families and kids when one has little to no money).

I don’t know bout you, but I do think we may have similar interests, and if you want to free yourself and your time more, then you will also have to consider to start an online business to supplement your income and ideally, free up yourself from vicious politics and 10-14 hours grueling work days, away from stuff and loved ones that truly matter.

I’m happy to introduce Wealthy Affiliate to you, which you can try for free (there is a forever-free membership version) and you can opt to upgrade to a premium member of USD 359 per year. I think you can try the free version first, and have a feel of it.

It sounds sexy and easy, but it’s work. It’s building an actual business that provides value for customers, and there is a learning curve. Most of the time, it takes about 6 months to 18 months to earn your first dollar, but done well, it can replace your income, your boss and give you options and flexibility. It just takes a lot of work at least in the beginning.

I recently ported all my domains and online sites to them because

  • sites with them are very fast
  • it’s easier to have everything in one platform
  • they have very fast and good support
  • they have very supportive like-minded network/peers (important for mastermind and growth)
  • and most important, they have a strong university/teaching to help you earn your first $1000 online.

Learn How To Make Your 1st Online Business And First $1000 Online Using WordPress

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005, and I’ve been a member since 2015 – I have had a roller-coaster experience in the earlier stage and especially with comparing with Solo Build It (below, and see the comparison), but I’ve since come to the conclusion that:

Best of all, there is a free-for-life basic membership option, sign up for free here, no credit card required – see you on the inside. My profile on Wealthy Affiliate is nigelchua (my name of course haha)

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  • I recommend everyone to learn to start an online business for so many reasons: low cost, valuable skill (marketing), potential for passive income, it works 24/7 for you and no income ceiling. There's a free membership at this platform which I'd been part of since 2015 and it's where I learnt how to earn my first $100 online. See you on the inside.

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