Happy New Year And Decade!

Happy new year 2020!

Whew, how has time flown. I am very cognizant that as I write this article, today IS already January 24th 2020, but do be patient with me, and I have a good reason why this article is so late. The reason is because NigelChua.com was undergoing a major move.

It was being moved from Solo Build It (SBI) to my Wealthy Affiliate account, to be on WordPress again.

Yeah I know, I’ve been back and forth on SBI to WordPress a couple of times now for NigelChua.com, and I’m leaving it right now on WordPress as I figured I’ll just keep writing and keep NigelChua.com as a blog.

Well, here I am.

So much have changed, and it seems that I hadnt written much since 2017. There are a few major transitions and milestones in my life that happened during those 3 years (including my sabbatical) that took much of my time, money, efforts and focus, which was why I had less time to write.

Much lessons on life, humanity, and finding out more about myself overall, and my place, position with Christ.

Over the course of 2015-2017, I became increasingly certain that God was nudging me to move on beyond the company that I had co-founded, grew and sold to a larger health setup. It was sort of comfortable yet uncomfortable as I knew that I need to move on, there is something else for me to do sort of thing.

And so I did move on. I took a sabbatical from January 2018 to June 2019, where I learnt so much about myself and others.

  • I took a publishing course and found that I really like publishing.
  • I realized there are a number of humans who would lie for convenience, to protect themselves and some who blatantly lie thinking that they wont get caught or that they have money to buy themselves out…but I don’t think God works that way, so I pray for their soul
  • I realized that I will do right, tell the truth and do good anyway, regardless of the outcomes, and that God wont shortchange me, especially if I am within His purpose
  • I realized also that when I do good for others, people will forget or not respond in kind anyway. During the challenges I faced, not many reached out to me to seek the truth or just to hang out. It seems that the squeaky wheel gets the attention and grease, and that outspoken/noisy drums do get a lot more attention and activity…and that although human behavior both perplexes me (and yet I get it – see next point), it reaffirms with me to continue to do what is right and good: what is right and good, is right and good.
  • …and that God gave me a special heart for humans. I…realized that I am the sort of people who empathize a lot, and often cry/tear up for others. Yes, even towards people who had lied and cheated me and seemingly go out of their way to get me in trouble – I will just pray for them.

A New Decade And Age

2020 is here.

For some it is a new year.

For some it’s just another new year.

For me, it’s a little special.

eyeglasses with black frames on white fabric

It’s extra special to me because…I’m free.

I’m truly free, and I realize that freedom is very important to me, and not hanging around with individuals and organizations whose philosophy is unlike mine is makes me kinda happy.

Like 10X happier.

Seriously. This is a very important point.

At the same time, I am starting to see 2020 not just as “a new year”, but also, it’s a new era and age for me, a new decade. I’ve begun to ask my friends, families and people I know

What’s your goal and vision this DECADE?

I believe this approach is an extension of what I believe in, which is in: philosophy of doing good, doing what God has called us to do (purpose), in the finite time we have left, in a good, positive, great and life-changing way. And I don’t want to spend an iota of my time with individuals or organizations whose philosophy and goals are unlike or worse, contrary to mine.

Time Is Finite

Time is a limited resource, and that’s why when I am aware of what my purpose, philosophy and focus is, it just makes sense to want to focus and say no to events, things, people or organizations whose purpose and philosophy doesn’t match mine.

To entertain it/them is a simple waste of time, and since time is a limited and finite resource, that isn’t a sound move.

Which makes my freedom an exciting one.

What I Am Looking Forward To In The Decade Of 2020

For this decade, I have a few things I am looking forward to doing better:

  1. Spending more time with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit
  2. Personal growth for myself: health, wisdom, reading, decision making, investing and more
  3. Spending time with my wife and children, family and friends who matter
  4. Spending time with projects that matter, which includes:
    • Phoenix Rehab – Special kudos to Louise who started this venture in January 2018, giving me space for my sabbatical and for inviting me in June 2019. I get a sense of how special Phoenix Rehab is, and where God is pointing me towards my 2nd phase of my therapy business leadership is, and I am excited to be part of God’s plan for me here in Phoenix.
    • Nigel Chua (this site) has been around since 2006, and have gone through so, so, so much changes, and today, though I am still refining the focus, I think, I am a little closer to what I believe NigelChua.com is called to do.
    • Pain Relief Physios is a brainchild project in collaboration with my wife’s desire/passion for health and fitness products. What we do there is to introduce pain relief products to our readers which helps to decrease their pain.
    • Passive Income Lifestyle (PIL) Investing – which is basically investing in dividend stocks for cashflow for now, and perhaps in physical rental properties later.

Where To Next?

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