happy new year 2018

Time really flies, and in the blink of an eye, 2017 has gone. 2017 was a pretty eventful year for me, and I pray that you enjoyed and grew from experiences in that year.

This article is for 2018, and as I had shared earlier, I have a pretty good faith and feeling for 2018. Maybe because for me, I ended the year with an interesting finishing – I had tendered from my directorship in my physical therapy business, marking the end of a 3-year bond I had with them following a larger company buying majority shareholding in our business.

Those three years in commercial bond with them…was interesting. Share with you in another article.

This is my second bond, first was following my 2-year bursary scholarship, where a public hospital provided/paid for 2 final years of my student life, which I am very appreciative of.


Thank you to God, the Father Almighty, who created everything, including me and you, and for everything that has happened, and will happen for you and me. He is awesome.

Thank you, to my wife, who believes and loves me. Louise, you’re amazing.

Thank you to my beautiful kids, for your love.

Thank you to all my family, friends, colleagues, for your relationships, friendships, good times and bad times.

Special thanks to Hendri who introduced the world of cryptocurrency to me – my life has been turned upside down lol, but it’s been amazing.

And especially thank you, to all NigelChua.com’s readers, for your patience, friendship and feedback since 2009. I hope to continue to grow to serve you better as I increase focus, attention and energy into NigelChua.com.


In my heart and mind, I see, think, feel and visualize that 2018 is a very special year for me (and I hope the same for you too), in a sense that I believe it is the year of extreme positive growth.

The reason for it is because, I believe, that I am increasing my courage and making courageous decisions to build a better, more honest, more resilient lifestyle and business, around businesses and people I truly care about, and not just about serving out a commercial bond.

I believe and know that when I believe, love and have faith for a good/great business, we pour a special creative soul, juice, spirit, passion and energy into it, and that gives the business the same creative soul, juice, spirit, passion and energy – and that brings it to life.


There is so much to do, but I’ll pick, prune and focus on the most important ones.

1. Self Care

I will continue the habit of turning my mobile phone off at 10 PM and turn it back on at 8 AM the next day to decrease the chatter, noise and obligations that the phone and others ask of me.

During this quiet time, I will set aside more time to read, meditate, pray and think. Quiet time, away from the hustle/busy-ness of life and work, to ponder and pray over important matters as well as to hone my thinking capabilities, will help improve my clarity and focus and being. Books I am reading will include the Holy Bible, philosophy books, personal development books including wealth, business and investment books.

I will also continue to take my natural health supplements from Xtend Life as well continue to drink filtered water with the use of Aquasana’s counter top water filter, as well as continue my 3-5x morning exercises.

All of these will help to build, maintain and facilitate continued space and growth physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; on top of business, investments and wealth.

2. Family & Relationships

As I grow older, I am more selective of relationships that I allow into my life, and also the quality of the relationships. I am increasingly aware that I’ve finite time and energy, so I cannot say “yes” to anything, anyone and everyone.

Relationships that are important to me will be prioritized (including you, my readers here in NigelChua.com) for the relationship to be nurtured and to blossom into greater depths. Superficial is not enough for me, and neither is giving time, energy or attention to people who are less/un-important, negative, pessimistic, or worse – bad/dishonest.

I wish to spend more time with my family as well, both my immediate family (wife and kids) as well as our extended family (our siblings and parents).

3. Businesses, Investments & Projects That Matter

During the last 6 months of 2017, I started to deprioritize and even kill projects that are “interesting” but unimportant, for example the two WordPress affiliate sites that I purchased for USD 799 per site, as well as months of paid writing services. I’ve a lot more ideas as well, that I have consciously and actively killed and deprioritized.

These costed me thousands of dollars…but it’s similar to item #2 – I want to spend time with businesses and projects that actually matter and are meaningful to me. I want to go deeper.

Projects That I Care About:

A. Urbanrehab

Despite me tendering and resigning from directorship from Urbanrehab; it’s not so easy for me to walk away from it. It is still my baby, and the people who are there, my people.

My personal painful experiences from being bonded and managed by the larger shareholding company is completely separate from my love for Urbanrehab and the people there.

I will be building a new layer of management for new blood, new visions, new perspectives that will help Urbanrehab go the next level, as well as to hedge and insure such that in the event if I suddenly die, then Urbanrehab and the shareholders will not be in a rut or afraid.

I am very excited to see how Urbanrehab continues to evolve and grow.

B. NigelChua.com

This website, NigelChua.com, has been around since 2009, and we’ve gone through multiple change cycles in terms of focus, topics, providers. But it’s one of the projects that I dare call my “life mission and project”, where I help readers to build and live the passive income lifestyle.

My goal is to create a proper structure and system that will help readers to achieve their passive income goals. I am aware that I can be all-over the place, and sometimes I don’t explain enough – that’s one of the reasons why NigelChua.com is one of the key projects I will be working on, possibly for life.

My biggest goal for NigelChua.com is to show my children, family and readers how to live a better life (ideally, their best versions of themselves and their lives), and how to break free from old traditions, and especially in becoming financially free and independent so that they will never ever work for money.

I believe that my greatest calling, is to show and help people to build lives that liberates them and bring them a greater sense of freedom, happiness and wealth.

C. TherapyEntrepreneurs.com

TherapyEntrepreneurs.com is created as a therapy business management and consultancy platform,to help therapists and therapy business owners who wants to start, build and grow their therapy businesses. Or even sell it, as I had done before. I quite like this project, and can foresee this project is at least medium term long.

D. Dividend Stock Investing

Reliable, defensive and long term dividend stocks are my final destination when it comes to investing. Basically, all money that doesn’t go into business or cryptocurrency, or nett profits and dividends – they all go into good, defensive and long term dividend stocks.

Main goal herein is to invest enough such that my whole family and myself can live without having to have a job, and truly work for fun if we want to, and it’s something that is truly sustainable, defensive and replicable.

I am not a very detailed person when it comes to investing (there are some amazing people out there with amazingly detailed blog posts and numbers on how to invest etc), I tend to see things and “flow” from a very large, zoomed-out perspective.

Eg, I know that roughly to “survive”, we need an income of about $8000 per month, and that’s $96,000 per year – let’s round that up to $100,000 per year nett take home that we need.

Working backwards, assuming 5% return on investment for these resilient, defensive and long-term dividend stocks, basically that’s $100,000/5% = $2,000,000 invested. This assumes purely 5% dividend income, and ignores capital gains entirely (capital gains = price of dividend stock goes up).

So what I need to do next is to determine HOW I’m going to get there and BY WHEN. Assuming 10 years, that’s basically injecting $200,000 per year for 10 years (of course, if you factor in compound interests, it’s faster, but let’s make it simple for now).

If 20 years, $100,000 per year (about $8,334 per month).
If 30 years, $66,667 per year (about $5,556 per month).

Say I’m really aggressive, and want to reach there in 5 years – that’s basically injecting $400,000 per year, for 5 years.

Surplus from all dividends, after deducting from daily use, will be split 50% into dividend stocks and 50% to cryptocurrency investing.

E. Cryptocurrency Investing

This is the current focus I have on the side, and I’m a little heavily invested here for now, in a few projects. 60% of my cryptocurrency is still in good ‘ol Bitcoin (I take it as it’s the oldest and most well known, and most newcomers and onboarding institutional investors will hold a sum of Bitcoin first, despite some of its shortcoming), and 40% in others including ALTs.

Some of the stuff I hold has been totally shit.

Some of them has been ok (growth of 10-40%).

ONE of them grew 33X at this point in time.

Personally, cryptocurrency is here to stay. If you wanna enter, please do your due diligence and truly only invest into really functional/utility-based ones, with limited number of coins/tokens available.

My personal goal for cryptocurrency is to have a net $5,000,000 profit, of which, $2M will go into reliant, defensive and long term dividend stocks. Another $2M will go into buying a landed property in Singapore. Another $1M either fully into dividend stocks and take surplus of dividends to live on and invest in crypto, or 50-50% between dividend stocks and crypto.

F. XtendHealthAsia.com (XHA)

XtendHealthAsia.com is a little side project that I created earlier in 2015 to increase the awareness of Xtend Life‘s natural health supplements and beauty products. As I prefer health supplements, I tend to speak and share about that aspect much more.

I have personally met the founder Warren Matthews, 2 times in 2016, and he’s a very nice, sincere, helpful and very principled business owner and man. I’ve also been taking their supplements since 2014, originally just to test out their quality, and thereafter after being convinced of their ethos and quality, I decided to share about their products by being an affiliate for them.

XHA is slowly picking up traction over time, and I’m starting to have more clients and customers and direct enquiries, and I will continue to add content and market the content.


What about YOU?

What are YOUR plans, thoughts and hopes for 2018?

Let me know your comments below.

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