Wow, time really flies.

I got married to my beloved wife, Louise, on 15th August 2009, and funnily enough, WE BOTH always forget our anniversary.

2018 was the same too lol!

We usually don’t pay attention to our anniversary funnily, but we do remember each other’s birthdays (and our children’s and family members) and do small celebrations.


I think it’s 3 main reasons:

Firstly, we’re together most of the time. Like ever since we started our business together in 2008 till it was acquired (though 2018 I’m on sabbatical and pursuing my own stuff), but we’re together all the time. And that, to us, was a gift and happiness in itself.

Secondly, we’re serving and working all the time, which we find meaning and fun to do. Profit and revenues are great too, but not as great as the joy from serving, working, and experimenting (and seeing something work).

Thirdly, I don’t think we’re that sort of big-celebration sort of people. Like even when we do have any birthday celebrations, just a small cake and food from our corner-shop tze char will do, and then we get back to life and serving.

This year, though we both forgot – yes again gosh…I want to tell you, Louise, my wonderful wife, lover and best friend – I love you lots, and I want to grow old with you – muack =D

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Happy 36th Birthday To Me


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