Happy 38th Birthday To Me

Another year has gone by, so quickly too. Just this date, exactly one year ago, I officially ended my 18-month sabbatical to join my wife’s physiotherapy and hand therapy company, Phoenix Rehab, and it’s already one year after – so fast!

I do really miss my sabbatical, where I had so much time to spend catching up with my children, Olivia and David, just to spend time with them, fathering and being with them, just taking them to school and back. I had good amount of time spent meditating, reading the bible, exploring other forms of non-therapy businesses too, such as Kindle publishing and affiliate marketing.

Yes of course, I had some challenges of having to deal some rather annoying spoilt individuals and companies along the way during that time, but I can safely say good riddance – even after months and years later, I have no regrets and have perfect peace that the path that I took is still the right path for me.

So this year in 2020, I am 38 years old. Just a little older and perhaps a little wiser too. I learnt a lot about humans’ selfishness, greed and unfaithfulness…but I’ve also learnt about human’s faithfulness, love and selflessness. As well as continued to be awed by God’s awesome love for us, even till today.

I learnt more about myself and my relentless pursuit of

  • God
  • finding out what God has in store for me
  • staying true to God’s teachings and writings in the bible
  • truth as in the full truth, not just a single linear self perception
  • that I still love humans and try to find reasons to forgive and soften my perception of deceptive, corrupted and evil-practicing humans
  • doing/being/be right, good, loving and sincere as a human, son, Christian, husband/lover, father, friend, boss/entrepreneur and in all that I do

I learnt that even if others choose wrong and evil and corrupt practices to suit their own convenience, I cannot do so, because that’s just not my value. I will not and I cannot do the same, even if it causes more “inconveniences and pain” for choosing to do the right things the right way. And I am 100% alright with it.

Whoever you are who had done wrong towards me and my loved ones, be it by cheating, defrauding, manipulating, coercing, lying and whatnot to get what you want and your attempts to rewrite history to make your version of story and not the entire truth – I forgive you, and I release full forgiveness to you, and I pray for God’s blessing for you in all you do. Be blessed in all you do…and sin no more. Seek and find God, do good and make a good change and contribution to the world moving forward..


This year and moving forward, I’ve been sensing an interesting kairos sensation, in my spirit, soul and mind, that this year, or this era, is going to turn positive for me and my loved ones. That I’m confirmed in the right place, chose the right actions and deciding on the right direction to go towards, and this era is the start of a turnaround, an uptick, where God’s favor, blessings and presence will increase more and more.

I am excited, hopeful and expectant, to see a mightier move of God in my and our lives.

My 38th birthday wish?

From a spiritual, mental and emotional standpoint, and for those, I’ll want to continue staying in God’s presence and God’s course and adventure for me…for as long as He is with me, that’s more than enough – everything else will fall into place as long as His presence is with me.

Other Goals

  1. Physical: become fitter and stronger physically, and gain more health to a fighting weight of 70 KG
  2. Spiritual: spend more time meditating and reading on God’s word, praying and seeking His presence daily
  3. Relationship: become even closer with my wife, children, family, friends, colleagues
  4. Parenting:
    • become an awesomer father, and have more kids!
    • started teaching my kids about life, death, God, compound interest and investing, entrepreneurship
    • be there more often for my children
  5. Business
    • Phoenix to continue growing in brand, new referral sources, new referrals and more senior physiotherapists and hand therapists, I will take a more consultatory, management and leadership role to continue growing Phoenix group of clinics in Singapore
    • Kindle business to grow in brands and books with more and more monthly recurring monthly revenues starting at SGD 1K > SGD 2K > SGD 3K > SGD 5K > SGD 10K and more
    • NalcoLeads to grow more leads and clients to monthly recurring revenue to be SGD 1K > SGD 2K > SGD 3K > SGD 5K > SGD 10K and more
  6. Financial: amass more SGD to invest in dividend paying stocks, in 5 milestones – SGD 1M > SGD 2M > SGD 5M > SGD 10M > SGD 100M

I’ve been spending time to think of my life and my direction as well, and NigelChua.com will ultimately become a good success, growth, freedom, independence, leadership training resource (and whatever falls/grows organically from there), under the umbrella management company of NALCO GROUP under NALCO Publishing, which is the company owned by myself and my wife – this brings clarity to NigelChua.com and let’s see how that goes from there.

My writing here likely will cut down on images and to use more texts and words, because despite pictures helps to “cut” bodies of text, I want readers and truly people who can pay attention to growth and discussions.

Thank you for growing with me, being with me and seeing through ups and downs together with me – I appreciate you, my readers. Please reach out anytime to me and I’ll try my best to connect and answer you.

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