Goodbye Mrs G (Wiki)

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See you later Mrs G Wiki

Just a couple of days back, one of my old, old friend, a dear friend, and he was one of those beloved cell group leaders whom I really like and love and respect (and still do), and he sent me a text, saying that his wonderful wife had departed to be with the Lord after a brief fight with cancer.

My heart…just broke for him and her.

They were married for I think 5+ years, and I believe she’s in her 20s, if not early 30s.

She was (is) beautiful, smart, loves God deeply, and cares and loves so much for His creation and people. She definitely touched my heart with her brilliance and love, gosh.

My heart.

Goodbye Mrs G Wiki – you will be missed, and remembered by us and of course, by your beloved hubby G.


My heart, it hurts and stings a lot for G and Wiki. Gosh, this pain, it doesn’t go away, and I cannot imagine how life would (or can) be without my beloved. G, my heart, goes out to you.

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.  – Psalm 34:18


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