Goodbye 2020 And Hello 2021


Whew – what a crazy year 2020 is and has been.

We had the crazy coronavirus (or COVID-19) that started in early part of 2020, and now we’re still battling to contain it. The early vaccines are out (Pfizer-Biontech, Moderna and SingVac) but there is so much more to contain especially in larger countries such as US, UK, Europe, India, Indonesia etc.

And that’s just COVID-19.

For me, as we near the end of the year, I tend to take time to contemplate the year and years/time before the year, to review and see what I had done, be it well or what could be better (not as well as I’d like).

The year of 2020 just flew by just like that.

Well of course, not just like that but something like that. Haha!

Phoenix Rehab

For us, the first half of the year was filled with much uncertainty at least business-wise at Phoenix Rehab.

The reason was that during the early stage of managing and battling COVID, to manage resources and contain any risks, the government identified all allied health and rehabilitation works as non-essential, which meant that we cannot work or see or treat any patients at all.

This had a few drawbacks:

  • patients who needed help couldn’t be treated (and this may lead to lasting tightness and pain due to missing critical post-injury timing)
  • decreased income for the business and the therapists who work under our company

The good thing is that the government provided a much-needed safety net for the business in terms of rental and employee relief which helped us a lot, but more importantly – our business boomed thereafter.

We think it’s because of work-from-home (WFH) where a few factors caused more musculoskeletal and orthopedic injuries:

  • individuals worked in non-suitable work environments (poor ergonomics)
  • individuals cant go to gyms or public exercise areas, so they watched youtube videos to exercise but that caused injuries
  • rush to acclimatize to all the covid-related changes work and life wise, which was a crazy time to adjust and shift
  • etc

MacBook Pro near green potted plant on table

All in all, for Phoenix, I spent much time working this year in Phoenix and Vitas group of companies, and am very thankful for our business and revenue growth as time goes by and as I put in more effort – I will continue to build this company and brand to higher levels, which I am truly very excited for.

Personal Realizations, Growth & More

Personally, it was a very interesting and exciting time as well – lots of mulling, thinking, philosophizing, realizing and learning from looking back at what had transpired.

I recalled, learned, reviewed and concluded on:

It’s Still Very Important To Consciously Work With Only The Best And With People Who Aligned With Good And Godly Principles

I can’t tell or describe to you how much happier I’ve become over the years. Like at least 10X, if not more.

The reason is quite simple – I just walk away from bullshitters, drama kings and queens, liars, cheaters and more. No matter how much they can offer me materially – they are just not worth my time. And I’ve more than 3X what I used to take home in less than 15 months of exiting my sabbatical to help my wife – and I believe I will improve this over time.

Without having the need to beg and cajole or convince others that I am worth and valued more – I just build and generate value, and the market pays me for it.

You see, over the years, it’s become clearer and clearer that I detest and dislike those narcissistic, vain and power-hungry drama kings and queens. You know who you are and my readers would have met such individuals in their lifetimes. I’ve had the fortunate-unfortunate chance to meet and work with so many of these individuals:

  • that one who tells me that he loves God and God is above money…but blatantly lies and bullshits to everyone AND succumb to money and promotions and raises
  • that one whose office is filled with religious quotes and pictures…but threatened me to my face “to blow up everything so that everyone dies” if I don’t comply to his demands and that they need not fulfill promises they promised more than 10+ years ago…
  • that one who “promised me lots of money would turn up in a special event” if I danced to their tune and needs
  • that one who makes themselves look good online with lots of photos and clever quotes…but lied and scandalized others to feel good, and creating lots of drama and politics everyday…
  • those that created lies, drama and scandal behind closed doors to take away what belonged to me
  • that one who said “didn’t read the document, so when they signed it, it doesn’t count” – lol, their brilliance….
  • those who conveniently “lost” contact and relationship with me
  • and so many more

I flat out refused to work or tolerate such behaviors and individuals, even walking away from “good” opportunities, money and even risking my own personal money and assets, which I did have to overcome if I chose to not dance to their tunes and wicked ways.

I chose to take the leap of faith.

man jumping between two rocks

It worked.

Thank God.

Until today, I am still very glad to have focused on what I believe in, to work only with the highest quality of individuals and according to good virtues that mean a lot to me.

Let me assure you to not tolerate such individuals, instead, choose to be around people who are aligned with good and Godly virtues and who practice what they preach. It’s very easy to know who are bullshitters and who are doers – see what they do, not hear what they say. Because these people can wax lyrical and speak beautifully, even motivational at times, but they decide to be lie, cheat, scam, defraud etc and then hide it and try to portray themselves as righteous, good and more.

I find it sad and unbelievable where individuals can lie, cheat, defraud and go against good Godly virtues to make money to to chase wealth.

It’s a strange sort of funny as I look back and see all the bullshit vendors try to persuade me to do their bidding…it didn’t come to pass like they proclaimed, even after years of proclaiming. Unfortunately, I do feel sorry for people who still fall for their carrot-dangling antics, combined with coercive fear management. Maybe they have “no” choice. I don’t know.

But what I do know:

In the end, my conclusion and decision of pursuing good and Godly virtues as well as practicing them is still infinitely more important than any material possession, fun or wealth that one can get.

In the end, the truth will come to light, not individual perspectives, but the true truth of the matter.

And God IS in control of my future and destiny (of course, I need to work my ass off too).

Also along this line is meeting individuals that will push you down to increase their chances of leads, sales and money (yeah I had the privilege of meeting a few of such people in my life, and I now happily delete them from my phone and my life, wishing them well) – this includes that individual who don’t want me to be a competitor to him in sales.

What had happened to these individuals who practice this?

  • one had spouse left them in divorce because they decided to sleep around and didn’t know they’d get caught
  • a couple of them were demoted and displaced from their high chairs
  • another is still dreaming of getting that large payout and until then, will wait for the chance and continue the charade
  • one who is losing friends and family due to their approach of “only I will win and if you’re no use to me or potentially my competitor, I will get rid of you”
  • one had most of their poached team leaving them despite a “wonderful” grand entrance
  • that special promised event failed a few times and still hadn’t materialized till today, 10 years and counting, even after hiring so many professionals to help
  • and so more

I don’t really follow their stories and what’s happening to/with them because frankly, I’m focused on what I’m called and tasked to do.

I’m busy building and living my life, and I just wish them well and that they’d repent and correct course back to Christ. But boy am I glad that I persisted in the path God was nudging me towards. I don’t wish to remember bad things that happen to them, but I do know that the bible had said before, one will reap what one sowed.


  • if one want good things, good values, good relationships, therefore sow good things, good values, good relationship etc
  • if one wants bad things, sow bad things: lies, scams, scandalizing, talking behind people’s backs, sleeping around when married, coercing etc – it will boomerang back (usually with interests)

Remember in Galations 6:6-8 Nevertheless, the one who receives instruction in the word must share in all good things with his instructor. 7 Do not be deceived: God is not to be mocked. Whatever a man sows, he will reap in return. 8 The one who sows to please his flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; but the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.…

One can try to hide behind crooked lawyers, individuals, companies, and look as sexy or good as you want on social media – but God….God isn’t mocked nor is He someone anyone can cheats. He sees everything and knows everything, so everything will be accounted for. If one cheats another, the one who cheated will pay for it, and the one who got cheated will get restored 4-10X or more times, in God’s time. If not now then at least in heaven. I am faithful that God is much more faithful and accountable than me or any humans.

Abundant World (Not Zero Sum)

There is abundance of love, joy and happiness in my life! |

It’s a shame, because they are unable to see that there is more than enough in the world. And that one reaps what one sows.

The world is truly an abundant one, and not a zero sum game (zero sum game means that I-win-someone-else-lose) because I know I can generate more and more abundance and value. I can and will create win-win-win situations where everyone wins.

That being said, one views and perspectives and story they tell themselves will massively influence the way they live their lives and interpret information, so if someone believes in a zero-sum world, all their antics and behavior will be aligned to that perspective. Unfortunately they dont see that, instead they see and believe that affluence and looking good (optics) without abundance is alright.

But it’s highly untrue.

The same persons who I mentioned earlier who did those stuff to us, they take that perspective because it’s easy. And they think they have the right to do so therefore they must both hit and gain back, at all costs BUT also hide those monstrous actions (see non-congruence) – but what’s interesting is because I know that God has given me the power to generate wealth and abundance…and I will keep getting better and better at this and with up-to-date technologies and resources – it’d be 10X faster and better than before.

Within 15 months of joining my wife’s business, I had taken it from a bleeding one to a growth of more than 133% topline revenue (that’s 2.3X revenues and still growing).

This is the power of Godly abundant mindset.

There is no limit, and no fear.

There is no need for politics and bullshitting – it’s “just” work, of course, but we will do better and better than before. And without being bogged down but these drama kings and queens who often only talk the big talk and specialize in tearing others down or playing games and cant really work or generate value has allowed me to move and grow without anything holding me back and wasting my time.

There is no need to “gain affluence the blackhat way” ie by cheating, lying or scamming – I can do it the right and good way, and together with good people with good values whom I care for. Together, we will go far and high.

Such freedom.

(Non) Congruence

The group of people I mentioned earlier, who cheats, lies, defrauds on one side, and then portrays another “public” side to the world that they’re spotlessly clean and right – these have an issue of congruence and mainly, fragmented viewpoint. They think that because “no one else knows” that they did those unrighteous things, then they’re alright.

But it doesn’t work that way – because they and God knows.

Frankly speaking, what’s the point of earning more money by lying, cheating and defrauding? Is it worth to “win at all costs?”.

That also extends to that vendor who responded poorly by being unable to “take it” when people become their competitors, and strive to eliminate their competition by slander, lies and heavy-handedness or omission.

And there’s no way to undo that at all – perhaps outreach and ask for forgiveness (see the next point below).

So what they do is then to continue practicing this fragmented and disjointed reality where they think they can have dual or multiple sides, but it will catch up to them because they will both teach their loved ones to do this to them eventually, as well as their cronies to do the same to them (I have seen how they themselves get cheated by their fellow “friends” in their race to win at all costs.)

…and at the end of their lives, they will still have to account to God for it.


brown wooden blocks on white surface

I also have learnt to forgive for all the trespasses and wrongs done to me.

Unfortunately or fortunately, I can empathize. I can see the other’s side limitation and capability and reasoning, and can understand why they did what they did, and though I do not condone or agree with it, I fully release forgiveness too them all. The pain comes once in a while…but it’s okay. These memories serve to strengthen me and help me grow more resilient, smarter and will help me do 100X better than before.

In that regards, from a functional perspective, I am deeply grateful for such individuals and experiences. It’s not nice when I went through it, but oh boy, I have survived and gotten waaaaaaaaaay smarter and better than before. At least to identify and avoid dealing with such unsavory humans. I don’t want to waste time with such individuals who tends to create drama to maximize their self-perceived  narcissistic reputation and income and whatever rocks their boat.

I mean God loves them, and I love them too, just from afar lol. But I will not tolerate such individuals, organizations and practices any longer, so goodbye to all who practice things that goes against good and Godly values.

I forgive myself as well for things that I had done wrong which could have been prevented or done better in hindsight, but that’s in hindsight – I know that I have done to the level best of my abilities, and I will keep growing from here.

Health Is Important And It Matters

Whenever I spend time hustling and building a scalable brand and business, coupled with spending time with kids that are growing up so fast, my health gets compromised. It’s not a good practice, but something’s got to give during this season.

And with at least one health scare in December 2020 (thank God cleared by skin doctor) – it’s a reminder that health is very important.

I See More And More Of How God Works In My Life

people inside room

The last few years was an interesting time of experience, reflection, consolidation in preparation for the next season and decades of my life. At the same time, I see more and more clearly how God has and continue to work in my life – like why specific incidents happens to unlock a specific requirement that is important to me, which cannot be seen then but can be appreciated now.

As a result of all these, I can clearly and confidently say that I am 10X happier than before.

The decade of 2020s (2021-2029) will be a roaring good time of growth, learning, earning and more, as well as improving relationships, health and income.

My Goals For This Decade 2021-2019

  • health and fitness: become ridiculously fit and healthy with an abundant energy and vitality
  • businesses: grow businesses in profitability, scale, value and practicing good and Godly values in them
  • mental health: spend at least 1 hour a day reading, thinking, meditating, philosophizing every day
  • money and wealth: earn >$10M net in businesses and invest into dividend stocks and properties in 10 years or less
  • travel: travel to > 10 different countries for holiday and leisure
  • God: spend at least 1 hour with God a day, every day, and form a deeper relationship and walk with Him
  • congruence: I will live a congruent, good and Godly life, where all aspects of my life are connected and no hidden sides or games to play
  • family: spend at least 10 hours a week with children, loved ones, family
  • social: spend at least 2 hours a week with close friends

What about you?

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