Is About Good Growth & Good Success

Finally, I can put a direction and focus in as Good Growth & Good Success.

I’m in a consistent state of exploring, defining, clarifying and growing, and I think the biggest issue here at is because it’s pegged to my personal brand and name, which makes me a little fearful and careful on what I want to write because it seems…like a personal statement.

It is, isn’t it?

It’s a vicious cycle and non-productive block which has been holding me back for a long time.

The stuff that I seem to enjoy doing, reading and exploring falls into self help and personal development. Plus the context of “good success” ie good growth and good success, not success at all cost.


I enjoy entrepreneurship and recommend it for many reasons, including

  • helping me when I was down and in a financial rut, to earning a lot more now and providing me and my family financial security and growth and wealth
  • it helps me grow intensively as a person, business owner, entrepreneur
  • it helps me feel good when I help another person get better, earn more, live/build a better life etc
  • it makes me feel good when I create positive culture, jobs and community

I enjoy passive income and recommend it for the reasons of

  • it makes me feel secure and free and worry-less about money
  • it allows and frees me up to pursue things and projects and people that matter to me

I enjoy reading and pursuing self help (including business) books because

  • it helps me grow my business
  • it helps me grow as a person
  • I am curious

I want to grow more as a person – in all areas of life.

I want to keep helping people too but without sacrificing my life and myself.



Writing this is a good exercise mentally and emotionally for me, as the process of writing improves my clarity as I write. I now know why I sensed that I don’t want to write or share consistently with details on how to start or grow a business, nor about the details of my passive income pursuits.

So I sense that I’m a functional capitalist, investor and entrepreneur and believe in good success – I do it because it’s good.

  • it’s good to create jobs for others
  • it’s good to create returns for our investors and stakeholders
  • it’s good to create passive income streams for myself and my family
  • it’s good to embrace good success because it creates sustainable growth in individuals, families, businesses and society as a whole

…and as I sensed before but didn’t put the time to think and ponder over it, but again, money isn’t everything. I believe that individuals and organizations that set themselves to making money only and first above all will eventually kill itself and burnout, because it lacks good purpose. That’s why so many entrepreneurs who set out to just make money will fail if they fail to see and serve the purpose.

I am not plain naive – I know the benefits of making money and profits. All my businesses are profitable – but I do not place profits above good success. If you don’t need something, I will not recommend or sell it to you just to profit off you – that doesn’t make sense. My approach is if I have selected you as a client and you have selected me to take care of you, I will endeavor to profitably serve you in a mutually beneficial relationship.

We have referred so many clients away and out of our business when we know that we cannot serve them well.

But when we can serve them well?

We’ll serve 100% to the best of our capabilities.

Of course, clients who are not good fit will also be sent away.


Look, I don’t need $100M.

I don’t mind earning $100M hahaha, but I know that I don’t need that much.

At this moment in this season, I am comfortable to say that I can build an 8-figure business over the next 5-10 years or lesser. Maybe much faster because I am getting wiser, smarter and growing as a person and business owner. Perhaps more, as I continue to grow.

I earn and serve and grow because I CAN and I WANT TO.

I choose good and instill good values in my actions and decisions because I CAN and I WANT to.

I lead in family, relationships and business in love and goodness because I CAN and I WANT to.

Likewise, I walk away from fraudulent, shady and dramatic individuals and organizations because I don’t want to waste my time nor life. If these are people who are close to me, I will coach and guide and counsel them to pick the good path to achieve their goals.

Because life, to me, is sacred – so I cannot waste time on things that don’t matter.

Of course, we all need to eat, have roof over our heads, and since I can earn, I will earn as much as I can in a good way that is acceptable to my God and to me; as well as grow to the maximum of my capacity and capability, which will also grow in time and experience.

Come, let’s grow together.


To Good Growth & Good Success



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