God, Religion & Spirituality

In a nutshell: Jesus is the way, the truth and the life – those who believe in Christ shall have eternal life

  • God created the world
  • Satan the devil tempted Adam and Eve who fell to temptation
  • This caused sin and the devil to be rampart on the earth
  • More and more sinfulness
  • God washed and started over with the great flood
  • Rainbow is God’s promise He will not flood the world again
  • God then sent Jesus Christ to earth to be born by virgin Mary
  • Jesus grows up as carpenter
  • Even when young Jesus would speak with the people in the synagogue
  • Jesus knew He is the messiah and went to do the mission He was sent to earth for
  • For 3.5 years Jesus did the 3 things:
    • heal the sick, ill and dying
    • set the captives free from bondage and chains
    • spread the gospel
  • Later Jesus would be crucified and die on the cross for us, as the Sacrificial Lamb to wash away all our sins, pains and to reconcile us to Father God forever