Go For It In 2021

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I had this running joke where I say that I want a refund on the painful covid-riddled year of 2020…it was filled with uncertainties, discomfort, changes and pain, but despite that

  • in Phoenix Rehab, we had our best year ever and in December 2020, we had our best month ever
  • personally, I had so much more mental, emotional and spiritual breakthroughs more than ever before

And I believe the remaining 20s will be the roaring 20s (2021-2029) which should be maximized for our best growth and achievement and fulfilment. For that reason, I would declare that this decade will be a decade of mastery, achievement and fulfilment, and you will need to go for it.

  • Want to lose that stubborn weight and be fighting fit? Hire that personal trainer and nutritionist.
  • Want to earn more? Go learn that skill, go for that interview, go learn sales.
  • Want to spend more time with children / special one / God? Carve out time and control your calendar.
  • Etc / Insert whatever goal you have in mind

Think big, think broad, think good.

As I write this, it’s already the end of January 2021 – you have 11 months left remaining in 2021. Do not waste time. Yes, you can schedule rest or down time, but get in control of your goals and calendar if you want to build and maintain the best life you can ever have in this lifetime.

For obvious reasons, go-for-it means to include NOT hurting yourself or anyone directly or indirectly. Want to achieve success, growth or fulfilment, then do it well and good.

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