I cannot tell you how important it is to get and own your own domain name, but I’ll try to describe it:

  • It’s an intellectual property (IP)
  • It’s an asset that you can either build an online or offline business on it; or sold to another party who’s interested in it

…plus it’s often really low cost, ranging from USD 9 to 15+ per domain per year (separate cost from hosting).

I personally have 30+ domain names that I’ve registered (and hundreds I’ve ignored and not registered) because not only I’ve so many ideas/potential businesses in my mind, I would really hate to “lose” a domain name that I love.

If you have any domain names that you have thought of before, check it out below. If it’s still available, quickly buy it and keep it first. If it’s already gone, then be creative and tweak the name, until you get a suitable one.


Key in the domain name of choice in the bar above, and then click “Check Availability” and it’d take you to Bluehost to create a Bluehost account and to make payment.

I recommend that you “buy and stock domains” that you think are viable and interesting. Now I’ve more than 30-40+ domain names, I can’t tell you how many times people “try” to get my domain names by requesting transfer to their hosts.

This is ok because that won’t happen as long as I renew my domain ownership…

…and more importantly, it doubly confirms that some of the domain names that I buy is potentially goldmines, in just the name itself.

Heck, I was interested in another domain name which was purchased, and the owner offered to sell me that domain name at USD 49000! That is NOT a typo – he wanted 50 grand for an “empty domain name”.

Have a think about it.

Note: Solo Build It (SBI) also has the option to buy and store domain names, under the “Name Park It” option.

If you don’t want the hassle of opening a Solo Build It or Bluehost account just to buy and park domain names, but want to store aside one or more domain names, I provide a specific Domain Name Purchasing & Parking service. Read more here.

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