Our minds are fascinating.

They are the gardens and libraries and memories of such complex imaginations, memories, skills, projections…but our minds can also be our worst enemy.

Truly, if our minds are cages to our destinies, it is one of the worst things in the world.

Imagine…that because of our minds, we:

  1. tolerate the worst kinds of attitudes and behaviors from people in our lives. These people can be our senior management, bosses, leaders, spouses, friends, associates, or enemies
  2. tolerate the worst/negative jobs we can experience, to “pay the bills” or to “get home so we can numb our minds to start it all again the next week day”
  3. live with our own bad habits, be it eating bad/junk/negative food, not doing stuff to get ourselves ahead in life (think reading, exercise, executing, asking great questions, firing bad people/thoughts/jobs, learning how to build a profitable online business, investing into passive income vehicles etc)


This question to these problems may be quite hard to answer.

  1. Maybe we never thought about it, that maybe life is shit, so we cannot expect better?
  2. Maybe we’re tired of struggling and fighting “against the rigged system” so we give up?
  3. Maybe we like doing bad things to ourselves?
  4. Maybe we don’t have dreams to do or achieve more, or to fulfill more?
  5. Maybe we think it’s too hard.

…if you said yes to any of the above, you need to think and ask better questions again. Maybe it’s true NOW, but it’s not always true forever.

Only if you let it be.


worst thoughts customers habits
Fire those bad thoughts, customers and habits we have.

Come on, we don’t think twice about firing:

  • the bank that tries to charge us more
  • the companies that tries to lock us in to bill us more

The real reasons why sometimes we tolerate and allow shit people and shit situations in our lives is either:

1. We’re tired and need a breather/break for a bit. Maybe due to kids, maybe health, maybe it’s been a while since we rested. Fine, rest for a bit.

2. Maybe we think the system is rigged against us. This isn’t entirely true. Yes, some people are born into the lucky sperm club (born rich), but most of the massive wealth in the world are made and created by hustlers and entrepreneurs who began from ground zero.

3. Maybe we don’t want to achieve more. Ok, for those of you that fall into this, maybe you don’t have a reason, and most of the time, it’s because you have “nothing to fight for or to give you reason or meaning to”. That can be true right now, but surely fighting for yourself, for a better life for yourself is good? Why not? Maybe you will do better for yourself, and if/when the opportunity presents, you can fight for others too (don’t be surprised…when we have a dream, often, others rally and come into our lives too)

4. Maybe we don’t know how to, and this is a real reason. Great question – then go find out who we can model and learn from, people who HAVE been there and achieved what we want. Learn from them. Wanna make money online, go here to learn for free.

Don’t let you stop you.


Let’s start with the easy one: firing the bad customers.

I find this easier than dealing with bad/negative thoughts, because all I need to do is to tell a customer:

You’re banned for life, all your payments will be refunded to you and you are no longer welcome to receive any of our services or products.

You have a choice to choose us, and we have a choice too, to serve you. We choose each other. Herein, we are not a good fit, thank you and good bye.

Now, the hard bit: firing bad thoughts and habits.

To fire bad habits and bad thoughts, I mainly use two techniques, which work as a strong 1-2 punch.

  1. First, you replace the thought/action with good thoughts and actions
  2. Then you ensure you keep doing #1 above

That’s it.

Sounds simple eh (and sounds like I’m smoking/shitting you LOL), but this is truly it. No magic woo-woo from me.

I give you an example, if I want to adopt a healthier lifestyle. This is “too general and vague”, so I zoom in. Say I want to cut down my sugar/carbs intake. So what can/will I do?

  • I can cut down my carbs from rice/noodles/bread by X percentage (say 50%) by Y time.
  • I can replace my sugar drinks and alcohol with zero sugar versions or just drink water. I can cut out sugar from all my coffee/tea/drinks.

And by implementing this, from Day 1, I have cut out carbs by 50% from meals and 100% from drinks.

From Day 1.

Not sexy, no big numbers to impress you, but it’s done. And I’ll just keep it that way. Stupid and simple.

Over time, if this habit saves me 500 calories a day, by a year’s time, that’d be 500 calories x 365 days = 182,500 calories.

That means…
calories to kg
I burn 23 kg just by that.

Of course our bodies are not so simple, and maybe we lose just 10% of that, which is 2.3 kg by 1 year’s time – isn’t that great?

Or maybe we don’t lose any weight, but we realise:

  • we don’t breathe so hard when we climb the stairs
  • it’s not that hard to walk further
  • we have more money in our pocket (cost savings)
  • our clothing is looser
  • etc

There will be cumulative benefits.


I’m not a very smart or intellectual man.

I don’t think I can “out-think” or “out-smart” or “out-educate” my problems.

All my problems need a simple plan, and consistent daily actions that bring me closer to my goals.

  • Be it to make money online.
  • Be it to purchase more and more stable dividend stocks.
  • Be it to become healthier.
  • Be it to become happier.

Whatever it is,

  • complaining or emoting about it doesn’t work
  • asking or expecting someone else to fix it doesn’t work
  • wishing it to go away doesn’t work
  • not doing anything about it doesn’t work

The only way it’d work is to figure out what we want, and to keep chipping away sustainably.

There is no other ways around this.

So, the way to do it is:

  1. First know what you want. By this, you will know what you don’t want.
  2. Then determine what are the actions that you need to take (and that you can do consistently and sustainably) that will get you to what you want.
  3. And freaking keep at it. Do not give up.

That’s really it.

Be it for bad thoughts, bad actions, bad behaviors, bad habits, bad customers.


Yes…and no.

OF COURSE it’s hard the first time you do it.

Firing your first bad customer, if you have never done it before, it will be one of the hardest things you ever did. But it’s like running, the first time you run, maybe putting on your shoes is all you can do. But the more you do it, the easier it becomes and better and further you can go.

Firing your first bad customer will be hard for you internally, but you will get better. Maybe your bad customer may try to make your life and moment hard, but stick to your stance, unless they want to improve, if not, they’re better off with your competitors.

Do this for a while, and you’d be stuck with good or great customers only – and they’re the best to serve.

Do this for your:

  • bad habits
  • bad thoughts
  • bad actions
  • bad customers

Secondly, it takes time for your culling of bad stuff to take effect. Maybe the first six months of firing bad customers is painful and business takes a hit, but once the good ones are there, and they bring in more good ones – i assure you, your life and business will thank me for it.

Now get out there and fire the heck out of your bad stuff in your life – you deserve better.

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