Finally, My Cryptocurrency / Digital Currency Breaks Even

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It has been a hell of a ride since 2017 till today, February 2021.

I entered cryptocurrency, invest-speculating into speculative and new digital currencies and cryptocurrencies such as

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • so many

That time, it was freaking ball-shrinking when the market crashed and my portfolio showed an average 70-90% loss.

Of course, though I’m not that smart, I have a general sense of what “can / should work well” and what cant, especially with visionary / anticipatory businesses and investments. Out of many cryptocurrencies and idiotic unmanaged ICO (initial coin offerings), I estimated about 50+ coins, about 5 of them “made it”.

Today, I’ve made profits and instead of cashing out, I’m staking them for more returns. These returns I can cash out monthly which can yield me a good USD 1K+ a month or I can reinvest into crypto – whichever is more useful / functional for me.

Finally, I can breathe a little better. Of course, crypto is not predictable yet – I suspect there will be a few more crazy cycles of crashing, though more institutions are buying into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, some news:

Note: I am still very very very bullish on BTC for the long run (long run = more than 10 years ie 2030+), and will earn more to invest into dividend stocks, cryptocurrency etc.

If you’re looking into investing / speculating into cryptocurrency, consider using my affiliate link and use the Crypto App (we both get USD 25 in CRO coin) – very convenient with wallet, ability to “stake” your cryptocurrency to get cryptocurrency dividends etc. I use this app daily and it’s super convenient. Recommended:’s App + Debit Card (use my code n9h6j72gs4 and we both get USD 50)

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