Earn Money


In a nutshell, money today is used for

  1. what we get paid with when we provide goods or services
  2. what we pay with when we buy goods or services
  3. to measure and store our wealth for the long term

Earning money is transformative

Money itself is “just” a currency, but the process of earning money is equally if not more important than

  • owning money
  • receiving or inheriting money

This is because of a few reasons:

  • The process of earning money gives us a sense of satisfaction and gratitude as we provide and create a good or service that is valuable
  • We also learn how to value, store and manage money whilst we earn money
  • This creates a skill and experience which is repeatable and teachable

That’s why people who receive a lump sum of money they didn’t earn, they tend to be unable to manage or multiply money. Managing and making more money is a meaningful transformative skill that can be fun =)

How to earn money

Anyone can earn money, which you can use

  • to pay off some large ticket items
  • to invest into dividend stocks or cryptocurrency
  • to pay off credit card bills and debts
  • etc

You have the power to earn money.

I recommend everyone I meet to build more diverse income streams, and the good thing is that with technology and demands today, there are so many different ways to build more and more income streams – you can earn money as quick as this week whereas others will take some effort and time to build.

There’s offline and online ways to do it.

Offline ways are basically in the physical world, such as

  • baby-sitting
  • dog-walking
  • house-sitting
  • house cleaning
  • picking up pet droppings
  • delivery
  • etc

The main thing is to find what suits you, your time and your schedule to earn more. I don’t like doing stuff I don’t like just for money – that’s a sucky way to live and earn.

Earn more money today

If you have just some short term shortfall like a sudden bill to pay, or unpaid debt, or just want to earn some extra for fun, there are so many ways you can do so:

  • Look for your old stuff that you hadn’t used for 6-12 months such as books, shoes, cloths, cooking wares etc and sell them online
  • Chattel selling: go to garage and yard sales and purchase stuff that you know has resale value but going for cheap (at least 50-80% discount)
  • Deliver passengers, food or stuff with delivery platforms like Grab, Uber, Instacart (so many options!) on your own vehicle and schedule
  • Rent out your spare bedroom(s) – great to pay down house loans
  • Rent out your car – again, great way to pay down your car loan
  • Be a tutor – if you’re good with teaching, you can consider teaching and tutoring on the side the subjects you’re good with
  • Buy low sell high ie being a trader of physical goods. Look for stuff you like to deal with and you can do this (can be anything from chattel as mentioned above or trading cards or clothing etc)
  • Do online surveys – I find these typically painfully slow and tedious, but you definitely can earn extra money doing online surveys
  • Services like baby-sitting, pet-sitting, house cleaning
  • etc

These are easier short term stuff you can do today…but they have a shortfall: they tend to be limited and finite.

What if you want something more scalable, meaningful and long term?

The stuff above you can do on weekends and after office hours, but as I mentioned before, they tend to be more limited – it’s hard to scale and earn more than that.

If yes, then you have to consider more and strategize more.

You’ve got to consider

  • building income streams that are either more medium and long term, such as negotiating for higher salary (which has long term benefits if you like careers) and/or building a scalable tech-driven side business.
  • you’ll definitely need to add layers to your finances such as investing into businesses so that your hard earned monies can work harder for you, earning you passive dividend incomes

What If I’m A Kid? How To Earn Money As A Kid?

Man if I could turn back the clock I’d both start earning money as a young kid to invest into dividend stocks as well as buy 10000 bitcoins where they were just cents lol.

That being said, I started working during my school holidays when I was 16 (that was the youngest legal age businesses are allowed to hire then).

There’s a lot of stuff that kids can do to earn money which is basically running errands and doing odd jobs for family members and neighbours. These include:

  • washing cars
  • pulling grass
  • odd jobs such as taking out trash, cleaning house or garage
  • baby or pet sitting
  • delivery, pickup or buy stuff
  • and many more

These are really common common stuff that we all had done. In fact, I’m a parent now and I give tasks once in a while to my kids…

Earning Money as a Student

As a student (usually tiertary, college or university level one) it’s a good time to earn more money because you usually have more flexible time and schedule.

Stuff that you can do:

  • Sell your old and expensive textbooks to your juniors (this makes sense as you likely wont use it again)
  • Teach / tutor for your professors or students in your neighbourhood
  • Run errands for your professors
  • Become a virtual assistant if you’re really organized – help small business owners and executives prepare documents, research, analyze data etc (use Fiverr to look for clients)
  • Pickup and deliver stuff such as documents, food, groceries etc

There probably a lot more things you can do for your classmates and professors / teachers – ask them and see what they say.

Negotiate and ask for a higher salary

If you’re already working, you can ask for more pay for the work you do.

The hardest thing about this is basically

  • you need to be good at what you do
  • you need to do research to ensure that the job can pay you more
  • you need to have guts
  • you need to have the right timing

So when you are for a salary raise, you need to be good at what you do. If you are struggling, then please improve your competence and deliverables first. Because when you ask for a pay raise, they and you will have to discuss about performance and value. The good thing about this is that you’ll find out how you’re assessed (Key Performance Indicators – KPI)

Once you know you’re reasonably competent and that the company values you, next you need to research if the current pay has more budget to pay you ie if you’re being paid $1000 a month, is the work actually worth $3000-5000 to your employer?

If yes, then time the ask right:

  • ask at a time when it’s more relaxed and not in the middle of a fire-fighting
  • start the conversation ready, know that your work benefits the company eg helps with getting new customers or repeat customers etc
  • ask for it

Share with them how investing in you will help the company grow more (not more than 5 minutes) and why you deserve it.

Then stop talking and wait.

It may feel uncomfortable but it’s also giving them time to think.

  • Sometimes they need to ask someone higher up.
  • Sometimes it takes time as it goes through the layers.
  • Sometimes it takes days, sometimes it takes weeks.
  • Sometimes it’s discussed in the next board meeting which can be weeks away

Of course if your boss can decide on payroll, at least give them a few business days to think and communicate it clearly.

Be patient and be courteous.

And yes, they should update and keep you posted on a specific timeline as to when you can get the answer.

If they say no….yes, you’d be disappointed, but listen. Do they have a valid point or feedback to achieve before you can get a pay raise? If its constructive, then work on it. Always ask how you can increase your value to the company.

But if they say no (and you KNOW they had been giving pay raises to others, maybe “more liked or more political employees”)…thenthink about your future in that company…or at least think about other ways to earn more money.

How to earn an extra $100-200 a day quickly

Sometimes we just want some extra pocket money for the week. We’ve all been there. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a long term side hustle, it’s just pocket money for the week or the month.

You can take a look at “quick” jobs such as:

  • Delivering passengers, foodstuff or items: there’s so many platforms for this nowadays, think Grab, Uber, FoodPanda etc. This usually can be applied and approved within days
  • Rent out your spare rooms: if you have spare room(s), you can immediately monetize it to someone and earn steady rental income.
  • Tutoring can earn you $50-100+ an hour

I want to earn $500+ a month

Now these numbers and expectation which means regularity (steady) income, will require constant and steady works, which can mean just doing the stuff above more regularly.

Yeah like weaving them into your lifestyle and schedule on a regular basis.

That can be every weekday after office hours, or every Saturday / Sunday. Or everyday lunch time.

Just make it regular and the income will be regular too.

It’s cool isn’t it? Our life and economy has grown so much with so much available opportunities, where you can work and extra as and when you want to.

Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities – it’s everywhere.

Invest for passive income

Most people earn then they spend. The money flows like this: earn >> spend.

That’s it.

I always recommend everyone I know to invest into stable dividend stock with their surplus savings from their day jobs and side hustles, because I don’t quite like “eating my principal monies”.

I prefer to earn > saving > invest > dividends and I spend from the dividends.

See the way the money flows:

  1. earn
  2. save
  3. invest
  4. dividends >> spend

That way, even if I spend my dividends, I STILL have my principal invested amount which will continue to pay me dividends regularly (additional income streams).

Of course, I cant invest the entire amount I earn in the beginning, maybe I spend 80% in the beginning and invest 20%, and keep on doing this until I can invest 100% into dividend stocks and live 100% on my dividends and passive income.

It’s not that hard, just setting aside a couple hundred bucks (and more) and you can already start investing regularly. If you cant invest yet, then do more side hustles and earn more first to invest.

Earn extra money to kill your debts

I cant tell you how much I dislike debt.

When my wife and I paid off my flat within 10 years of the loan, it was a huge relief off my shoulders and mind. It’s weird, the amount isn’t even that big, it’s just the idea and concept of being debt-free felt so damn good.

Yeah some people are good with numbers and getting that loan or playing with that instrument to maximize their numbers…but I’m just not that kinda person. I can’t and I won’t.


If that’s you, earn extra income with side gig, earning $500+ monthly can quickly pay down any debts you have.