Earn $1000 extra per month (Part 2)

People are very willing to pay for time and convenience. Combine this with the sharing economy, and you’d find that you may have a much easier time earning an extra $1000+ per month.

App-based gigs

  • Transport: Uber, Grab, Lyft
  • Food: Doordash, UberEats, GrabFood
  • Parcel: uparcel, lalamove
  • Tasks: taskrabbit, quest

There’s so many app-based gigs that you can use, literally at touch / click of buttons, to get side gigs and get paid for doing them. You can literally do that now by going into Apple or Android app store and searching and registering.

Once you’re approve, go through and choose jobs that’s part of your routine or transportation (you can even deliver food by foot!) and get paid.

Traditional stuff

  • Grass cutting / lawn mowing
  • Pet sitting
  • House sitting
  • Tutoring (will need specific skills and certs)
  • etc

Renting out your spare rooms

If you bought a space and have 1 or more rooms that you actually dont use, a popular house-hack is to rent out the spare rooms. You can

  • get a realtor / agent to help you secure longer term tenants
  • use apps like airbnb for short term tenants

These revenue can be used to pay for the mortgage itself and you can save on interest or invest into other assets.

Start an online business

One of my all-time favorites is starting an online business (I recommend learning here), for so many reasons including

  1. very low costs
  2. no income ceiling
  3. very portable ie you can work on your online business in any countries
  4. transferrable skill
  5. sellable asset
  6. passive income (set up once, earn again and again because online business works 24/7)
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Of course it’s not easy and takes time (like any other skill) and will require serious dedication.

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