Don’t Waste Time

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With the recent message sent to me by a close friend of his wife’s passing and returning home to the Lord, it’s so heart breaking, and it kicks me in my ass that we cannot waste time.

Time is a constant progressive modifier, and we get older by the second, minute, hour, day. And it never stops. Hence my mind and heart was reminded of when I lost my dad in 2014. That was when I know that life is frail and finite, and we cannot waste time.

It’s ticking away, tick-tock, tick-tock.

And that’s why I decided to not waste time on organizations, individuals and causes that isn’t aligned with my purpose and future, and they need to be culled away.

A side benefit of that, is that has increased my happiness and joy at least two-fold, because when we don’t have to deal with things that aren’t important, there’s less drag and time wastage, and directly decreases frustrations for me. When I fired the toxic organizations and individuals, I am so much happier hahaha!

And to expound upon that – time, is a finite, progressive resource – and we are but individuals in an ongoing timeline. Some of us live to 100+ years old, some meet the Lord at 12 years old, some were stillborn.

As we are here, right now, take a deep breath, and see for ourselves, clearly.

  1. Who we are and who we want to be.
  2. Where we are and where we want to be.

I know when God called me to move on like how He called Abraham, that He has something in store for me and to not look back, I have to follow and heed His call. I don’t want to live a life of regret of “what-ifs” – I go. And this isn’t the first time that God has called me and pointed me in a direction.

I trust in Him, He doesn’t shortchange me, though sometimes I feel like I’m dying from the pain or fatigue. But He hadn’t forsaken me, if anything, He has proven time and time again that He provides, and He loves me.

Friends, do not waste time. Seek the Lord and His plans and purposes for you, and heed His call.

Psalm 23:2 You let me rest in fields of green grass. You lead me to streams of peaceful water

Today, if you’re already where you want to be, great. Keep staying in His presence.

If you’re struggling with finance, take a look at my article on Passive Income Lifestyle Blueprint. Follow the guidelines there and modify however it suits you. Spend time with people you love and care for. Hug your kids and spouse, your parents – tell them you love them, even if they already know. Give thanks to the Lord for all that you have, and all you have lost, and all you will come to gain/contact.

Life is short and frail, but long enough if you use it well enough.

This is the reason why I started a business, so that I can not only earn more, but more importantly, to free up my time so I can spend more time with people I love and care about, and also show them a better way of life. Tolerating a mediocre life with long hours at work politicking and hustling isn’t something that’s for me. I believe in doing good work, being/creating good working environment, and being paid well for it AND being free.

If that’s you as well, swing by my Wealthy Affiliate profile and get a free account, and learn to build a profitable online side business. It’s a portable skill that belongs to you and you can take it wherever you want to.

Don’t waste your time by just browsing Netflix and doing things that aren’t useful or inline with your purpose, goals and dream. Come, let’s progress together.

Time is still ticking, tick-tock.

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